Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Lucy Belle has Arrived!



I.cant.even.stand.it!  We ventured over the mountain this weekend to check out some golden retriever pups that were almost ready to come home!  We had to put down our sweet Hershey girl last year, and at first we never thought we would get another dog.  Actually I said that we weren’t getting another dog again.  And I also made a few statements about never getting another pure breed dog.  Hershey had so many health issues that we didn’t want to go down that road again. 


And just look at us now.  Can you say I am eating my words?  The kids have been asking for another dog for a long time.  Then we started to think that a dog would be a great for all the kids, but especially Grace with her anxiety.  The more research we did it looked like Golden retrievers were going to be the best breed for our family, kids in general, and plus I have always loved the way goldens looked. 

We got to go to the breeder and meet Lucy Belle’s brothers and sisters and of course pick which dog would be ours to take home in a week.  They were all so so adorable!  We were having a hard time just picking which doggie we liked the best, but I had my heart set on a lighter colored golden.  Ellie loved every single one, and kept saying that they were all her favorite.  Grace just wanted to tackle them all obviously.  Bradley picked up the darkest one and carried it around the whole time. 




This little fluffy fur ball started following me around and I was completely smitten with her.  She was going to be the newest member of our family!!  She had to stay with her family a bit longer so we drove home arguing about what we were going to name her.  Lucy Belle was our final choice since the girls wanted Lucy and the boys wanted Bella we compromised. 







We surprised the kids and brought her home on Sunday!  They were all ready for bed and we brought her to the back of the house.  They were so excited!


Ellie has really taken to her!  She has become a little mama hen checking on her constantly.  They have been helping to take her out, feed her, play with her, it is just so sweet to see them come together for this little furry friend.  Bradley has even set his alarm 20 minutes earlier in the mornings so he could play with her and take her out in the morning.  Ellie told me that Lucy Belle was better than going to Disney World, and in her mind that is the best thing on the planet! 


We just love you Lucy Belle, now will you please let us get some sleep!  Love your newest family!!