Tuesday, December 1, 2015

You Know Life Happens

I had a thought the other day about just taking down my blog for good.  Just let it go, and admit that I don't have the same time I used to write about our little family.  But, as always I am drawn back to this place and space.  This is our story, and in the past few years our story has been a little hit or miss to say the least, and this blog definitely reflects the changes in our lives in the past three years.  

Mostly our lives have been affected by my working and running a small preschool. I have gone through many stages of a part-time working mom.
  • Stage One: Rosy Glasses! I can do this.  I can keep everything going that I used to do and run a home business; no problem.
  • Stage Two: Letting Go!  This shit is hard.  How do people work and take care of a family?
  • Stage Three:  Realization that your life has changed! Man, I really did everything around the house.  As in everything in our domestic life.  I can't keep it all going.
  • Stage Four: Acceptance!  I will do what I can at home.  I will do my best at work.  I will find the balance.  Many things won't get done.  It's Ok. 
  • Stage Five: Summertime!  No work.  Go back to Stage One.
This is now my third year working.  Many things have gotten easier.  At the same time my children's lives have gotten busier.  Grace has had a series of highs and lows.  But, overall I feel like I am getting the hang of school, planning, family life, and knowing when to ask for help.  

Chris and I recently got away for a long weekend to Punta Cana.  A big thank you to Grandma and Aunt Kim for watching our brood while we were gone.  It was a much needed break for sure.  I had quite a meltdown at the end of the October.  Grace was falling apart at the seems every evening due to adjusting back to school, Ellie brought home lice from her Kindergarten class right at the same time I got sick with a fever~flu thing.  Let's just basically say, it wasn't pretty.

After a pretty major meltdown on my part, Chris and I talked about dialing it back in with commitments.  The kids were busy, I was stressed, and I felt like all of my time to myself was spent working when I had a free moment.  Chris came up with a great plan to take the children to dinner and the grocery store every Wednesday night.  This will allow me to plan, prep, and get ready for school each week for a good chunk of time.  Sometimes, it just boils down to admitting that you can't do it all.  No one can.

I am truly lucky to have such a great partner who gets it, and is willing to take three children to the grocery store.  Pretty awesome. This will keep us from having to spend weekend time shopping too!

I have a lot to share, from big upcoming performances, to therapy and stress with Grace.  We definitely have it covered over here. 

For now I will leave you with some super sweet pics of the kiddies!

Ellie and her buddies getting ready to walk into dress rehearsal for The Nutcracker.  She auditioned with 90 children and got chosen as a party guest and an angel.  She will be performing in two shows at our local community college.  Super proud of her!

A little Halloween fun from last month!

This little thing loves some face paint...and minions!

And I can't get over this picture!  Bradley is so big, but at the same time will wear a star wars mickey hat and pose with Daddy.  I love this age with him!

I hope to see this place again soon, and share more of our little family adventures.


laura said...

welcome "home", friend. we've missed you!

Kathleen said...

Welcome back. Glad to see you posting again!!

Lindsay said...

I am not sure how you do all that you do!! You are amazing! I love you! Glad you will still be writing! I need to dust my blog off!