Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Happy Place

Bradley definitely hit is grove this spring and summer with baseball. When your son throws pop flies to himself for hours in the back yard you know they have found a sport they love. After he finished his regular season Bradley was asked play for the all star team for our local league. I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as commitment and time involved, but it was pretty major. We spent every.single.weekend in June and the beginning of July at the ball field. They played in tournament after tournament against many teams from our region. They learned so much about working together as a team, playing the heat, believing in themselves, and overcoming defeat.

There were two different tournaments that Peachtree ended up in the losers bracelet and faught back to win the entire thing! It was true commitment from all of the boys and one great coach! Coach Sam was truly wonderful and such a positive influence on Bradley.

These boys really got close over the past two months playing together for hours and hours each day. I know that Bradley has made some life long friends in the process of becoming part of this team.

I couldn’t believe how much Bradley enjoyed playing catcher. I never grew up playing sports, and the idea of a ball flying at me at full speed is frightening. He got banged up by bad pitches, hit with foul balls, and would pop back up and get behind the batter again and again. He has really changed into a “big boy” as much as I don’t want to admit it!

These boys won Districts for our area in a double header that lasted late into the night due to rain delays. Bradley and his team were still playing ball under the lights at 11 pm! He was moved all around the field that night due to players being on vacation. In the end they won, and got the amazing opportunity to play at the All Star State Tournament for Virginia. Pretty cool!

I am so glad I got to capture this father/son moment on camera after the District game. Bradley and Chris were hugging and high fiving. So glad they have this to share with each other! It really was a family affair, my parents came to almost every single tournament too! It was sweet to get to share all of this with them!

They didn’t make it very far at states, but they had a great time! I hope he can look back on this as one of his favorite summers yet! Way to go my big boy!