Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Life on the Ball Field

I never knew if Bradley was going to really get into sports, or even be a very sporty kid. He was just such a sweet, sensitive little guy that we didn’t pressure him much about sports. We tried soccer, gymnastics, the little gym, quick start tennis, golf lessons, on and on. Luckily his school has an awesome after school program so he has been able to dabble a bit in a bunch of different things to see if he likes them.

We played t-ball and then rookie for a few seasons. It wasn’t until then that Chris and I both notice Bradley playing baseball outside all.the.time. He would throw pop fly balls up and catch them over and over again. Insist that we throw ground balls or play catch with him if Chris or I were outside. He would try to teach his little sis the fundamentals of the game just so she would play with him. We knew we were on to something that he didn’t just like, he loved.

He loved having his Daddy as a coach, even when they lost every game for an entire season until the last game. That didn’t matter, just playing ball was fun for him. He loves it. I love it because he loves it. He played for the minors this spring and had some highs and lows. He learned lessons about being the youngest player on the team, proving yourself, reading pitches from other boys for the first time, stealing bases, and much more. I was shocked when he was hit in the helmet at one of his last games and stood up and went to first base. He has changed, grown, gotten tougher, made some great friends, and hopefully made some wonderful memories.

His little team, The Scrappers, were in the middle of the pack this season. But they beat some of the best teams at the end of the year to come in second in the final tournament. They played with heart, had some wonderful coaches, and were really encouraging to each other. I was so proud of them!

Bradley was so excited to bring home his first trouphy ever! They worked hard for it playing games all weekend. We have now moved on to the crazy schedule of All-Stars. I need to sit down and sort through those photos too, but I wanted to capture all of the fun he had on his reagular season!

(Bradley is wearing the shades, gotta have all of the gear!)