Friday, April 10, 2015

My Ski Bunnies


With spring here at last and my computer finally up and running, I wanted to share some of our fun in the snow we had this year!  Thanks to my awesome sister and brother in law for saving my computer from the black screen of death once again.  I think I really will need to invest in a new computer sometime soon…possibly a mac? 

Anyway, I finally got all of my winter pictures uploaded and had to share these awesome two at ski school this winter!  Bradley and Ellie jumped right into ski school in Wintergreen and haven’t looked back.  My parents went up to watch them at school one day and got a bunch of pictures.  It was so fun to see them mastering something new!



Bradley getting off of the ski lift!




Grace came up with me to drop them off one morning!  It was cold up there on the top of the mountain!


Ellie coming down the mountain!


Getting picked up by Gigi!

dad and brad at ski school

We also had an awesome time tubing down the big hills at Wintergreen too!



Our littlest one got some fun in the snow this winter too with the many, many snow days we had this winter!





She loved getting pulled around by her big brother!

I am so happy to see signs of spring everywhere around us now, it was a long winter!

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Lindsay said...

Looks like they had a blast!! Glad your computer is up and running!! It was all Tim ;-)