Friday, January 9, 2015

My Jedi Warrior Boy


This little Jedi Warrior had the time of his life at Hollywood Studios!  Bradley got his chance to take on Darth Vader and I don’t think his life will ever be the same.  Chris and Bradley got to the park early to sign up for the Jedi training, and it was so much fun to watch him in his element.


After their training when Darth Vader walked out, three of the kids from Bradley’s training group ran off the stage.  Darth Vader was no joke comeplete with smoke, storm troopers, and music!  I was intimidated! 


Bradley said that he wasn’t scared at all!?


Throwing some of the force around!


His little group after their training…



This was our last day of the trip and Ellie was finally feeling a lot better!  Ellie and I split up from the boys and went to an amazing Frozen Sing Along!


After the sing along Ellie and I went to the Honey I Shrunk the Kids play ground.  She thought it was amazing, and we watched this movie this summer.  The kids loved the movie, so it was really fun to be there!


Ellie and I went to the Beauty and the Beast play also.  It was fantastic!


The kids loved walking around Hollywood Studios, the weather was beautiful and it was a great last day in the parks!  We had dinner and headed back to the Magic Kingdom for he Very Merry Mickey Party.  One last post about Disney, I am already ready to head back!


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Lindsay said...

That Jedi Training looks awesome!! I am not sure if Sammy would have stayed on the stage ;-) Darth Vader is HUGE! The honey I shrunk the kids playground looks so cool!