Thursday, January 1, 2015

Meeting Mickey Mouse and Friends



We kicked off our entire trip having breakfast at Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary.  The kids were so excited to meet Mickey and his friends.  I was honestly worried that Bradley might be a little beyond seeing some of the characters, but he was very, very excited.  I think Chris and I were so enthusiastic, and the kids were too!  We enjoyed breakfast complete with Mickey Mouse waffles and all!


Ellie would get a little clamed up when the characters arrived, so sweet!


Getting signatures was very important!  Those poor characters really have a tough job.




One of the mornings Chris and Bradley had another breakfast at Tusker House in Animal Kingdom.  Unfortunately Ellie was just too ill to go to breakfast so we stayed back at the hotel, and waiting for a doctor to visit us in our room.  Chris said this was a great breakfast and the food was excellent!  Ellie was bummed because she didn’t get to meet Daisy Duck!


Ellie toughed it out to have dinner at Park Fare, which is located in the Floridian Resort.  It was a buffet dinner complete with Cinderella and her evil Stepmother.  The step sisters were so great, they were completely in character during the dinner.  They were carrying on, yelling, and just so fun to watch them walk around the dinner tables and talk to everyone.


I wish little miss felt better, but she was a trooper and made it through dinner.  I am glad we did the character meals, it really gave us a chance to meet some of the characters up close and talk to them one on one.  Bradley even enjoyed getting to meet Cinderella and her crazy family!


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Lindsay said...

LOL that last picture is awesome!! Poor sweet Ellie!! This looks like so much fun!!