Monday, January 5, 2015

Fairy Tales


This little girl got to live her wildest dreams and meet pretty much every princess she has loved, sang with, dressed up as, danced to their songs, and watched their movies over and over again.  We have gone through phases of loving and sometimes obsessing over each one of these princesses.  She got her moment to meet each one, talk to them, hug them and ask them some serious one on one questions.  She asked Cinderella if Gus Gus really talks, she told Snow White that her dress of snow white is falling apart because she wore it so much, Jasmine was informed that her magic carpet ride was her favorite ride in the park, on and on.  I loved hearing her little tidbits of information or questions for each girl. This was the perfect time to take her to the park, because she was so happy and excited to meet everyone!



Oh the waiting…you can’t go to Disney and expect not to wait in line.  This little girl spent lots of time waiting around to meet some of her favorite peeps.  I had to snap a picture of her in the stroller, because it became her second home while we were there!



After meeting Merida each child got to shoot a bow and arrow into her target!  They still have been talking about it!



Tuesday night Ellie and I got to have dinner in Cinderella’s Castle!  She was feeling really tough on Tuesday and had spent a majority of the morning sleeping at the hotel room with Chris.  Bradley and I had walked all over the park and it was raining all day…hence my beautiful hair and attire.  Ellie insisted I stand in the picture with Cinderella of course!

She didn’t eat one thing during the dinner, but she perked up when each of the princesses came by our table.  You can really tell in the photos that she didn’t feel great, but she was a trooper.


Aurora danced and sang near our table during dinner which was probably the highlight for Ellie.  There has been a growing Princess Aurora obsession lately at our house.  We told her after the dinner that she could pick out one dress from the Disney Store, and can you guess who it was?  Oh the cuteness!


On the night of the Christmas party we stopped by to meet Tinkerbell.  I think it was Ellie’s highlight of the trip!  She has talked and talked about Tinkerbell since we returned.  I think she was finally feeling better, and the whole room where you meet Tink is magical.  It looks like a tree house and even the huge leaves and branches light up with Pixie Dust.


After the dinner with Cinderella we rallied Ellie and went over to the Tales with Belle ride.  It is more of a chance to meet Belle in person.  You enter into her house and each child gets a part in the Tale.  Then Belle comes out for the tales and meets each child.  Bradley was chosen to be the Beast, Chris was a knight, and Ellie was a dancing picture frame.  They took some great pictures of Bradley during the tale.



Bradley yelling at Belle during the tale!




I love that he participated and had a good time with the whole show.  Such a great big brother!


All in all Ellie got to meet all of her Princesses and she has been talking about each one of them ever since!

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Lindsay said...

oh poor Ellie she looks so rough in some of these pictures! But man is she tough as nails!!! I love the Beauty and the Beast interactive ride! How awesome! Way to go Bradley! Such a good big brother!