Sunday, July 6, 2014

And Just Like That…She turned Four



It is hard to believe that just four years ago, this crazy little thing was once a teeny, tiny baby sitting in the NICU scaring Chris and I half to death.  Of course there was the scary birth…scary transport to the NICU in this thing…



Then we got to come home, only to face over a month of medical and feeding problems.  She definitely came in with a bang and has kept that same energy for the past four years. 


She has so much personality trapped inside such a little body.  Usually on most days I want to eat her up with a spoon…usually…



If you had told me just two years ago that I would be teaching Ellie every day in a preschool I would have told you that was crazy talk.  There is no way this extremely strong willed child would ever take direction, let alone learn from me.  But, here we are one year of preschool down and only one more left to go.  Sure we have had some battles over the school year, but for the most part she has handled the transition of mommy being her teacher beautifully.  She loves her friends from school, she is engaged in the lessons and I think she has really learned a lot from me and from her peer group.  Our nightly ritual at dinner is for Chris to ask the kids about their day and what they learned.  9 times out of 10 she will say nothing, she “just played today.”  Chris has started emailing me requests for parent/teacher conferences since his child isn’t learning anything. 


Right now Ellie…

loves her big brother Bradley

is starting to play more and more with Gracie

loves non-fiction books,  especially books about animals

loves her family, her little cousins Winn and Brad and her big cousin Sammy

is obsessed with Frozen (what 4 year old isn’t?)

loves her Disney princesses and these are probably her favorite toys

right behind is her Playmobil princess castle and fairy house

is getting really good at putting puzzles together

loves art projects, especially ones without guidelines

can almost swing all by herself

took gymnastics and ballet/tap this year

played tball

loves to build with blocks and magnatiles

is working hard at learning to draw pictures of herself

can write her first and last name

loves to swim





Happy 4th Birthday Ellie!! Love, Mama