Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Spring Spent on the Field

It is amazing how quickly your Saturdays change from weekends where you get to decide what the agenda is, to all of the sudden sports determine your weekend schedule.  We got a sneak peak at that this spring!  With Bradley playing “real baseball” for our local league Ellie decided that she HAD to play t ball like her big brother!  Her little experience with baseball was called blastball.  The children hit the ball and run to first base.  There is a small horn inside of the base, and when they step on it the base the horn sounds.  It is the funniest thing to watch!  Ellie loved hitting off of the tee, but she had no interest in trying to field the ball.  She was the only girl on her team and I was so proud of her for trying something new on her own.

One morning there was perfect lighting and a sweet girl who was hamming it up for the camera:




Hitting off of the tee…


The best picture I could get of Ellie and her buddy Kellen after the game:DSC_0116

And this little girl did her fair share of watching blastball and bradley’s baseball.  She was a good sport about hanging around by the field.  Here is Grace testing out the horn sounding base before Ellie’s game. 


And just some sweet shots of her watching one of Bradley’s last game while wearing an outfit that my Mom made for me when I was little.  How sweet is she?


And yes, she is in love with band aids right now…that is why there are just under 15 band aids on her legs in these photos!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dear My Long Lost Blog

It seems that this year has just gone by and I have left my little blog for too much time.  There is so much to share, important events that I didn’t get to write about and document.  From family fun, birthdays, celebrations, and just life in general that went by way too fast. 


I learned some important lessons this year.  Working and being a mom is tough.  I went to bed many nights exhausted, and feeling like someone was losing out.  The losers usually felt like my family, my kids, and myself.  I found myself thinking of the things I used to do “when I was a SAHM” and feeling sad that my SAHM time in my life was over.

But, despite all of those changes something else magical unfolded in my life.  It was an amazing little place called Crozet PlaySchool.  It was filled with laughing and happy children and a new me that was driven by a new purpose.  My students and their parents became my extended family this year.  I looked forward to school each morning.  I  spent hours and hours pouring over books and the computer developing an on-going curriculum to meet the needs of my students.  I found my love of children and teaching again.  I got amazing feedback from my families and their support was my fuel to keep pushing to create dynamic play experiences in my classroom.  Over the course of the school year I got over 1,000 followers on my @crozetplayschool Instagram account.  They “liked” my invitations to play, asked me questions, and even reached out via email to find out more about my school.  I went back to my Early Childhood Education roots of Reggio Emilia and lost myself in a world of play based learning.  In many ways I found myself again. 

I know that those two paragraphs seem to contradict each other but it is the truth of my struggles this year and the change in our family dynamic.  I had been at home with the kids for seven years, so working five mornings a week plus cleaning up and prepping each afternoon plus major prep for school on Sunday evenings for the week was a HUGE change for us.  Balance is difficult.  I wasn’t able to achieve this year, but I will be working hard to create more of a balance next year with my part-time work and my family. 


To bring my focus closer to home, I came back to my sweet long lost blog.  I missed writing.  I missed taking pictures of my children for no particular reason other than to document their lives.  I missed sharing the struggles and triumphs of parenting my brood.  My hope is to begin to write again about our daily fun and lives.  I simply adore looking back on my old blog posts.  Bradley loves to read them too.  There is so much we have done as a family and I want to keep this little corner of the internet for my family to enjoy one day.   



Just to make you smile, we made a summer bucket list filled to the brim with crafts, outings, science experiments, and “just for fun” activities.  One of those that Bradley has been dying to do was make a “Stop Action Lego Movie.”  We worked on one today!  He came up with the story line, took all of the pictures, and I helped him put it into Windows Movie Maker. 

Please enjoy Bradley’s Mini Lego Movie:


lego stop action movie by B 6/14


Oh the joys of lazy summer afternoons mixed with creativity and technology!

Love, Clare