Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Festival of Fantasy Parade


Some of my favorite moments from our week in Disney World were the parades!  We were lucky enough to watch a few of them.  The first day we were at the Magic Kingdom and we saw people lining up on the streets.  After getting a heads up from one of the Disney Employees “cast members” we found one of the best places to stand for the parade.  We stood right in front of the traffic circle at the front of the Magic Kingdom.  This provided a great view of the floats and people because we got to watch them come all the way down Main Street USA.

We ended up sitting next to a Disney World employee who was just there taking pictures.  So many of the people in the parade recognized him and walked up close to us to say hi or wave at the employee.  Lucky us!


We did have to wait in this spot for over an hour before the parade started.  Bradley spent a lot of the time waiting trading his Disney pins.  We gave the kids a land yard and a collection of pins before they left for the trip.  Children can trade pins with Cast Members who are wearing pin necklaces.  Bradley didn’t waste any time trading some of the pins he didn’t love for new pins! 


After a lot of waiting the first float arrived!!  Belle and her dancing royal friends!


A bunch of our favorite princesses followed Belle in the parade!


The floats were spectacular! The detail was amazing!





Sleeping Beauty’s metal dragon actually breathed fire!


Just looking through all of the photos makes me smile!  Bradley and Ellie were entranced during the entire parade.  They waved at their favorite characters and princesses and had a ball in their up close seats! 

I have gone through the hundreds of photos and was able to put together a Shutterfly book about our Disney Trip.  They are on sale right now, so I got a great price.  I can’t wait to share more of the fun and pictures with you soon!



Lindsay said...

LOVED these pictures! I can't wait to see more and the book you made!!

laura said...

oh wow...looks incredible. what a magical vacation for the kids to look back on. can you believe i have YET to make a photobook from our cruise/magic kingdom vacation that was 2 years ago?! DOH!