Sunday, September 14, 2014

Beach Adventures 2014


I am finally getting around to organizing and posting all of our Myrtle Beach pictures from this summer.  We are lucky enough to have a free place to stay when we go to the beach with my parents.  My mom and I handled the kids for the first week at the beach.  It was fun, but I think she may be requesting her own space next year.  Five of us in a three bedroom condo was nice and cozy!


Things I LOVE about Myrtle Beach:

1. family time 24/7

2. the shore is really wide and the waves aren’t too big, perfect for little people

3. there are a million things to do


My parents own a few different condos at Myrtle Beach, in the Cherry Grove area.  It is a great spot, not as busy as the city of myrtle beach, but still fun things to explore nearby!  I took the kids down to the pier twice the first week, and Chris took them down the second week.  We saw a sting ray, and Chris said they saw a shark…yikes!


Ellie is frightening, where did she even learn to stand like that?



Beaching it with little people is a ton of work.  Grace like the beach a lot this summer, and I know each summer will continue to get easier and easier with all three of them enjoying the water.


My Mom and I were really adventurous and took the kids to a water park one afternoon.  It wasn’t the most taken care of water park, but the kids thought it was the best place ever!  I guess I can’t blame them!


We even attempted to eat out with all of the kids, Steak and Shake is fine dining when you have three children in tow.


My Mom made the girls these hula girl dresses.  Aren’t they so cute?!



Ellie got her hair wrapped, which may have been the highlight of her entire beach vacation.


My children love these head cutouts now!  Every where we go we have to take a picture inside of them!



But, we spent most of our time by the gorgeous water.  Digging, playing, scooping, swimming, jumping, and just enjoying the sunshine as much as possible.


After the beach, always came time for a dip in the pool!  I saw Ellie grow with her swimming in leaps and bounds while we were at the beach.  She was jumping off the side and swimming under the water to my mom and I.  Proud mama!




And this little one has no fear at all!


Bradley seemed to enjoy cheering on his sisters and just playing around in the water.  He would make up elaborate games, and get my mom and I to join in the fun.




There are still some more pictures from Chris and I’s week at the beach that I need to sort through too!!


Lindsay said...

Great pictures Clare! I love the one of the 3 kids on the pier.. Bradley is celebrating, Ellie is posing and Grace is looking at them like really guys ;-) Love those kiddos!

amanda said...

looks like summer perfection to me friend! each and every picture - beach magic :)

ps - i have been thinking of you and your sweetest little lately...hoping all is well! xo!