Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First Day for Everyone


He had his first day of second grade last Wednesday.  I’m not sure that it gets any easier the older they get.  I miss him so much when he is gone for most of the day.  I am so proud of him for handling the transition back to school with such ease.  There were a few jitters and concerned looks, but overall he was confident about heading back to second grade.  He got a wonderful teacher this year, who seems gentle, kind, and very structured.  All of the qualities that Bradley will appreciate.  He sure does love things structured.  He decided his “Star Wars” backpack was still cool from last year, and since it had held up so well we didn’t replace it.  He mastered nine or ten new rainbow loom bracelets this summer, and picked out a special few to wear on the first day of school.  He also picked out the buzz hair cut for his back to school look.  It wasn’t my first choice, but I am trying to give him more and more chances to make his own decisions for himself.  And a buzz cut was what he wanted.  He came home all smiles and full of stories about seeing old friends and meeting new ones.  I would call that a successful first day of school!


There was someone else begging to take some first day photos with Bradley.  This pretty much sums up the pictures and their relationship.


Now that I am mostly recovered from my surgery, today was Ellie and Grace’s first day of Pre-K for Ellie and just plain old preschool for Grace.  They also wanted pictures taken and of course their own sign for the first day…


One requested an Elsa Braid and the little one requested Kyla’s hair.  Kyla happens to be one of the gymnasts from the US competition that was on Saturday night.  Grace just loved Kyla for some reason, and every time she came on the screen Grace got so excited.  So she got a gymnasts bun!


Ellie was so very excited to see all of her buddies again.  This year both groups were combined (minus the children that moved on to kindergarten).  Ellie thinks this is fantastic that she gets to see every each day of school, instead of flipping groups back and forth.  She played happily with her friends, swung on the swings, rode bikes, and read books.  She was simply pleased to be surrounded by her friends again and back to “work” at school. 


Gracie’s first day of school wasn’t as smooth sailing as Ellie’s.  She struggled with the transition of children and mommies in the morning.  I am hoping that she will get used to the busy-ness of drop off and pick up.  She did lots of swinging with Max, and made bubbles in the sensory tub outside.  I surprised as she sat and listened to the books and danced with her friends.  She struggled with sharing and the structure of the morning.  She asked for snack again and again, probably wondering why we have to wait for snack at a certain time when she very well knew how to find a snack on her own.  I need to have patience, she is an entire year younger than Ellie was when I started the preschool last year.  It is hard to share your home and your mama when you are still 2.  I am giving her a month window to get it figured out, but for now we are going to take it day by day.

After everyone left I did curl up and take a two hour nap.  My belly was screaming and so sore from all of the movement this morning.  I hope that each day gets better and I feel more and more like myself. 

That about sums up the first day for everyone around here.  How was your first day?


Lindsay said...

aww they all look so big!! So glad things went pretty well. I hope today went even better! Hopefully Grace adjusts quickly! Love you!

amanda said...

happy back to school to ALL of you!!

ps - hope you are taking care of yourself lady!! baby steps :)