Sunday, December 8, 2013

I’m All Mixed Up


Wow! It is really bad when you are posting about Halloween in December!  But, I am determined to catch up, this week or next on all of the fun things we have been up to!  Starting with a quick little look at my sweet children trick or treating! 

I kept things simple for Grace with her costume.  She absolutely LOVES Dora!  I looked around for a costume, but they were all $40 for a little t-shirt and a pair of shorts??!  Really!  I bought this Dora outfit for $13 and then I bought her a Dora backpack complete with some sweet Dora, Swiper, and Boots beanie babies.  I think she liked it?!




She thought that Boots should hide out in the pumpkin for a bit, then she took him out to tell him that the pumpkin isn’t a good place for boots of course!


Belle joined the party and was all about her costume and the whole idea of trick or treating this year!  She was all business.  Ellie marched my Dad and I around the neighborhood, house after house, long after Grace and Bradley had given up on candy.  I couldn’t believe her stamina!  Love this little lady!





Ellie greeting her sweet friend Maya at the neighborhood Halloween party.  They were discussing dresses!


This sweet little one was Anakin Skywalker.  Poor thing didn’t feel well and was fighting a terrible cough and cold.  Bradley didn’t want to stay home though, he joined us for the party and went to a few houses.  He had a great time handing out candy though too!





The kids wanted to surprise Gigi and Pop Pop and trick or treat at our own house!  My parents came over to hand out candy and see the kids!  It was a fun night at our house this year. 

We just made a trip to our little apple orchard and pumpkin patch this year by our house.  The weekends were busy for some reason and we didn’t get a chance to go to the big pumpkin patch by my sister’s house that we adore.  It was still a gorgeous view and the kids loved picking the very best pumpkin!


These two photos might be some of my favorites from this year!  Bradley’s sweet smile in the wagon!  I love that he is almost seven, but still willing to ride in a wagon with his baby sister.  I wish I could just package his sweet spirit sometimes, it is contagious!  Then the picture below is just amazing, my family, in one of my favorite places to visit, with the mountains in the background, life is good!




Compared with the photos above, when I try to stage a good photo, this is what I get!  Come on little ones, just ONE picture of everyone looking at the camera and smiling!  This is my life right now for sure!


Love these three so much!! Now stay with me, I’ll be back soon to talk about other happenings, I promise!


Colleen said...

adorable pics Clare! such cute kiddos : )

Lindsay said...

aww I loved seeing their costumes!! I missed our trip to the pumpkin patch this year too! Glad you guys had fun!

amanda said...

happy fall and halloween in december?!? how great is that!! i vote for fall all year round :)

so glad all is well in your world friend!