Monday, December 9, 2013

Girls Dream Getaway


A few weeks ago…oh back in October I got to get away for a long weekend to the this beautiful place!!  We made a long trek to Hilton Head Island for a long overdue sorority reunion!  One my old housemates and close friends started up a group on facebook that was interested in going on a reunion.  After generating interest, Retta sent out a survey to help narrow down the location and ideas for what people would want to do on the trip.  It was so fun to see the whole trip come together thanks to Retta’s hard work. 

She blocked off our rooms, booked yoga on the beach, spa treatments, the works!  It really was such a great break and treat for all of us, but especially the mommies who are so busy.

Here we are all dressed up before dinner on Saturday night.  My neck looks like a giraffe neck, but anyway it is the best picture I have of the whole gang!


When do you get to dine out with your girl friends, breakfast, lunch, and dinner?  Hanging out by the beach and the pool all day wasn’t so bad either!  Getting to see everyone and talk was truly priceless.  Some of these girls I haven’t been able to catch up with since college.  It felt like a million years had gone by, but also that nothing had changed at all.  My roommates and I stayed up until all hours of the morning talking and laughing.  You just didn’t want to sleep when you had so much to share and hear from people that had seen you through your most formative years. 

These girls are some of my favs from college!  Retta on the left was a pledge sister, and Ginny on the right is her real little sister and my sorority little sister.  If you followed all of that you must be a greek…



Somehow the single women in the group met up with a group of golfers.  So, after dinner we headed to a real “hole in the wall” for beer pong action and a serious round of flip cup.  I guess we really thought we were 19 again…sigh!


It was fun while it lasted!  I would love to go back in time and visit school again, just for a week.  I want to really embrace the feeling of no worries or responsibilities except studying and getting my butt to class on time.  Don’t you miss that part of it?  Love, Clare



Lindsay said...

So glad you had a chance to do this!! Looks like you guys had a blast! I can't believe you guys went and played beer pong.. it was like you were back in college again :-) xoxo

amanda said...

wow!! seriously just can not even imagine!! amazing!