Sunday, September 8, 2013

Myrtle Beach 2013


I can’t believe that is already September. 

I have been up to my eyeballs in school prep, planning and transitioning to this crazy life of a part time working mom.  The transition to working five mornings a week has actually gone well for most of the family.  Grace is probably the most confused by the change and having mama leave each and every morning isn’t fun.  She starts crying the second the babysitter walks into the house.  She knows what is coming.  I am hoping that in just a few weeks we will all have this down to a science and the tears will be less and less. 

Being a working mom isn’t easy and I applaud all of the mommies that wake up early each and every day!  I totally understand both sides right now and each family has to make the best decisions they can.  I will say that the teaching preschool part of my day has been such a dream.  Getting to work with Ellie each and every morning is beyond fun.  She is so thrilled about school and is just a sponge for all of the activities I have been doing with the groups.  I am cherishing this time with her, before I know it I will be sending her on her way to kindergarten and I feel so lucky to be the one to prepare her for that!

Without letting too much time pass I wanted to share the pictures from our wonderful trip to Myrtle Beach.  We didn’t have the best weather and actually came home a day early due to so much rain!  But, the first few days were absolutely stunning. 


We actually had to do a little bit of a different beach trip this year.  Chris had started talking about closing his company in January of this year.  While he was still finishing up some projects and houses he started looking for a new job.  We were waiting for the right job opportunity to come along that would allow us to stay in our beautiful town that we love so very, very much.  When an awesome opening came about in May, he couldn’t pass it up.  Chris started a new job in June and we had to cancel our much loved OBX trip with Cali and Rick.  Chris was one week into his new job when we were scheduled to leave for OBX and we knew that would be too stressful.  So, we opted for a week at my parents condo in late August and it was still and wonderful time.  We really missed the girls and all of the fun we have with our big crew though!  Hopefully next year we can get it organized again!!


  One great thing about my parent’s condo is that it is right on the water.  Just step outside your door and you find your feet in the sand!  This was great for our kids, because we could run home to eat, take naps, and be back out swimming as soon as kiddos woke up!


The shore line at Myrtle Beach is also so so much calmer than OBX.  There is very little undertow, the waves are very small and calm, and there are lots of large tide pools that are perfect for little preschoolers and toddlers to splash in.  The girls just danced, played, and ran around in the pools everywhere!



The water was calm enough for Bradley to do a lot of boogie boarding.  He would spend almost the whole day in the water catching wave after wave.


I can’t get over how big his is and what a strong swimmer he has become!  Very impressive for a six year old!



For as much as Bradley was on the boogie board, Gracie spent almost her whole time digging in the sand.  She actually started saying “dig” and “pool” while we were at the beach.  I must have said dig a million times while playing with her.  Chris would line up her buckets with water or sand and she would go to town.



It was so fun to watch her focus and concentration while digging and pouring!



Ellie turned into quite the ham every time I started taking pictures while they were swimming.  I don’t know where she gets it from??


All in all it was an awesome little family trip!  The drive down was a bit hellish with tons of traffic, but we survived!  I still need to share some of the pictures from our adventures at the beach.  We got to go on a real pirate boat, which the kids have not stopped talking about.  More coming soon!

Now off to prep for school tomorrow!  Love, Clare


amanda said...

looks amazing friend :)

hope things are going well in your new world!!

Lindsay said...

What a great trip!! You got some amazing pictures (as usual) :-)