Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Fun Phone Dump


Since my life seems to be all things crazy right now, I figured I would share some of our summer fun through the good old phone dump.  You never know what you are going to get from that silly iphone.  Crazy hats, naked babies, and lots of summer bucket list activities.

Bradley and I searched Pinterest together for some of our favorite summer fun bucket list items and crafts.  Well, crazy 4th of July hats made the cut.  We whipped them up with some white and red foam and multicolored start stickers. 


You can’t beat a toothless boy in a crazy 4th of July hat!


Oh pudding!  We have been playing with pudding every once in a while and this is what you get at the end of pudding painting….yummy!


I made some homemade bean bags with left over fabric I had lying around.  They have been a huge hit.  They are fun to stack, carry around, and of course perfect for a homemade bean bag toss competition…you just need, baskets from the dollar store, bean bags, and post it notes for the point system.  Go!



Face painting was at the top of our summer bucket list this year again.  Luckily, I have refined my skills since last summer (I bought a bigger and more step by step face painting book that is).  Ellie chose to be a water fairy (hence the sea shell) and Bradley was batman of course.  It is amazing how still they will sit while getting their face painted, and the joy when they run to the bathroom to check out their new reflection.  I love it!


I took the kids to a park that I used to go to all the time when Bradley was a toddler.  It brought back so many memories of him playing in the fountain there.  Wow, now to have three kids at the same park, I never would have thought that years ago!  Anyway, there is really cool equipment at this park, Bradley and Grace tried out a huge sit and spin. 


I will always love pictures of my babies sleeping, covered in crumbs and one hand with a paci and one with a rice cake….sigh…


Another baby sleeping, this one taken after a day at the lake.  Ellie was one tired little girl!


Ellie had her first gymnastics class a few weeks ago.  I am dying over her in a leotard, the belly, the bruised up legs, and Bradley’s old red crocs.  She really couldn’t get any cuter.  Love her.

That is a little round up of our summer fun!


Colleen said...

you are so fun! I love the 4th hats.

Lindsay said...

Oh what fun!! Love the picture of Ellie in her leotard as well! Bradley looks to adorable with all of his missing teeth! Gracie is priceless in the sleeping picture :-)

amanda said...

do you know how many times i have wished we had bean bags?!? i know they are just bean bags, but i swear it must be the teacher in me bc i always think they would provide endless amounts of fun!!

laura said...

you are like the most creative mama ever! and i love that bean bag idea. we just got some with our custom UVA cornhole game and the kids are having so much fun with them. i'll have to set up a bean bag toss like that too!