Monday, June 3, 2013

We Made It


I just need a moment to talk about this little and slightly big boy right now…

He is growing up WAY too fast.  Kindergarten is almost finished, only 8 more days left!  I am actually super duper excited to have him home this summer.  I am looking forward to playing at the pool, going to the library, and just giving him lots and lots of down time.  School is intense.  They are gone ALL week, and I am excited to have him around.  He is all sorts of fun, helpful, easy going, and just so sweet to be around.

He came home from school today all excited about this new website they played on at school today.  He kept telling me, “Mom, can we go to a,b,c,y,a dot com and play the games on there?  Please?!”  I had no idea what he was talking about.  First I had never heard of that website, and I wondered if he had gotten the web address wrong.  I told him we would look on the computer for it.  There is was… is totally and completely a website, and a really cool one at that.  He immediately wanted to play the first grade games online. 

“Mom, I need to know what first grade is all about. I need to practice the work I need to know for first grade.”

Ummmmm, ok?!  It is sometimes shocking when you put in years and years of child rearing and hard work.  you wonder, am I doing enough?  do I give them each enough time and attention?  Then they haul off and do something that to them just seems like a minor comment or a fun activity on the computer.  But, as a mom you see it differently.  You get a chance to give yourself a quick pat on the back.  Yep, I did some things right. This little boy loves learning, he loves school, and he is one motivated little kid.

What kid wants to already work on First Grade work with 8 days left of Kindergarten???


This little guy does!  The one who lost his front tooth last week and then lost the second one last night!!


Oh sweet happy boy, this proud mama cannot wait to have you home this summer!  The pool is calling our name!  I love you Bradley and I can’t believe that you are just a few days away from being a first grader.


amanda said...

so so so happy for you mama - such a BIG deal!!

i am sure you guys are going to have an extra special summer :)

Colleen said...

he is so cute Clare. I remember when E finished. it just seemed to unreal that I would have a first grader and here I am almost with a second grader.

Lindsay said...

Yay Bradley! He is growing up so fast! He is adorable with all of his missing teeth!