Sunday, June 23, 2013

Small and Big Changes

First&Last Small

Wow!  I am was in shock putting these two pictures together tonight.  This little guy has changed in so many big and small ways this school year.  I know that each year there with will be miles and miles of growth, but there is nothing quite like Kindergarten. 

The changes are immense…

Being away from home for hours and hours, navigating a huge school, riding the bus, taking afterschool specials, playing “real sports” for the first time, learning how to stand up for himself among his peers, buying pizza on fridays, going on real field trips, performed on stage in front of hundreds of families for his Kindergarten show, having “homework” all be it just a little bit, oh and those aren’t even the things he actually learned at school…

last day text bubble 

I mean this little man can read.  As in pick up a book (not a chapter book), but a henry and mudge, nate the great, and read and read.  Sometimes he still stumbles, but more the most part he is a fluent reader.  Which I have soon realized means, he reads the mail, he reads the headlines, he reads signs around town, he is a master at reading and I have to be extra careful what I let him get his hands or eyes on that is!  I am beyond proud of my little reader, it makes my first grade teacher heart happy!


His sweet little Kindergarten group after their end of the year show!  Little B in the back, always the leader, and rule follower!  I just loved watching him up on stage for their end of the year musical performance.  He was saying his friends’ lines under his breath, telling his peers to move forward or back, he could have been the director of the show.  He knew the whole thing, every line, every detail, and just what to do next! 


Bradley and his two biggest buds at school, Brendan and Lily!  These three were inseparable.  He came home every day with stories about sweet Brendan and Lily.  I know first grade will be rough if one of these two isn’t with him to tackle next year!  I didn’t write about it much on the blog, but I wasn’t thrilled with Bradley’s teacher this year.  It wasn’t a great fit for him (and probably me too).  I am slowly figuring out how to let go, and learn that I don’t have all of the control.  It ended up being a great year for him, and his class was filled with super sweet kiddos.  I am hoping next year’s teacher will knock my socks off!  I know my standards are high after teaching first grade for five years, but we can only go up from Kindergarten!


These were the best pictures I could capture in the packed audience at the performance.  Little B doing a Russian dance!


You captured my heart six and a half years ago when you made me a mom.  You are my oldest babe, the first to teach me everything about being a mom, including how to let you go to school every day on that big yellow bus and not cry my eyes out!  You make daddy and I so proud with your wise ways and the sweet way you treat your friends and family.  I would love to take some of the credit for the wonderful person you are, but I know that you have been that way since the beginning.  We are just lucky to learn from you.  Just a few months together this summer and then that big yellow bus is going to sweep you away again for another year of school.  Let’s soak up the sun Bradley boy!  I love you!!


Lindsay said...

Oh my word that picture of his last day is priceless! Love all of the missing teeth and the big old grin! Can't wait to see you guys on Thursday! XOXO

Colleen said...

these are great Clare. I had to laugh when I read that comment about the teacher. I wasn't keen on E's K teacher either. I definitely feel she lacked some necessary communication skills. Unfortunately, my little man will probably have her too. It's so hard - probably more so for you being a teacher and all!

amanda said...

so sweet mama! seriously so proud of both of you!!

i am sure i am going to be a hot mess for most of our upcoming kindergraden year!! and losing teeth? ack! soooo not ready!!

hope you guys are enjoying every ounce of your summer :)

Jenny said...

Wow! So so sweet Clare! Such amazing achievements from your little guy!