Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Farwell for Now


We got to visit with our favorite Auntie not too long ago!  Aunt Kim came to visit, before she leaves on her big big trip overseas.  Adam and Kim are being stationed with the State Department in Madrid, Spain for the next TWO YEARS!! 

When she first told me they were leaving (a year ago), I was so excited for them.  I thought it would be such a fun adventure, a perfect time to go since Winn is still so little and not yet in school, and on and on. But, as time has grown closer to their leaving I started to get upset.  Kim and I are very close, and we talk often.  She is such a wonderful friend to me, and has become a sister to me over the years.  She is such an amazing aunt and influence on my kids.  I am so sad for her to go, there were a lot of tears on Sunday as she was packing up Winn and her car to leave.

We did squeeze in some fun before the tears started…


Playing in the tub, I love how Winn is covering himself up perfectly!! haha!


All the cousins, Bradley (6), Ellie (3), Winn (1), Grace (1)





We love you Kim and Adam!!  We will miss you terribly, but have the most amazing adventure!!!  Soak it up, and before you know it you will be back in the states with us!!


Lindsay said...

oh so hard to say goodbye!! Have fun on your adventure Kim, Adam and Winn!

amanda said...

awww! so bittersweet!!

ps - but do you get to visit them??

Colleen said...

that's exciting but sad for you I am sure. beautiful pics!

Jenny said...

Such sweet photos! I'm with Amanda, a visit has to be in order, right?