Wednesday, May 8, 2013

what NOT to do during a nature walk


I really have so so much to share.  Family stuff.  Girlie Fun.  Gracie updates.  But, I have been stuck for a few days in technology hell.  I have been trying to switch my main email account for awhile now, but just haven’t had the energy to face getting everything changed and set up. 

Well, I decided that it needed to be done.  So five hours later, I finally have my new email working.  Whew.  Why did it only take 2 seconds to change on my iphone and several HOURS with Chris and I both looking at it in Windows Live Mail to get it working on my PC??  Once you can’t send outgoing messages for a few days, you quickly realize how much we rely on technology to communicate. 

On to more important things, like our spring adventures and nature walks.

We decided to go on a little adventure the other afternoon.  It was one of these beautiful spring afternoons that is just begging you to step outside, take a deep breath, and get excited for summer.  We love to visit our neighborhood creek and wooded area.  When we were down there finding sticks our neighbor told us about some standing water that had hundreds of tadpoles.  After going to look at them with her, we decided to head back there again with our buddies, Evan, Max, and Molly. 


Bradley really wanted to bring back some tadpoles to our house.  I wasn’t too thrilled, seeing as we just got done releasing our butterflies and I can sometimes hardly keep up with our dog.  I told him to bring a small container and we would take just a few home.  As you can see from the photo there were hundreds of tadpoles (all of these little black dots are tadpoles!!!).  I actually caught a picture of Bradley doing the WRONG thing.  He collected so much mud and barely enough water for our little tadpoles.   Needless to say our tadpoles were dead when we arrived home!! 

After a huge crying session Bradley and I headed back out to the small pond at 7 pm to collect another batch of tadpoles.  We made a much larger aquarium for them, and I used a net to get them out this time!!  All is right with the world, and we now have 9 tadpoles in our new, very large aquarium in the basement.  I figure it can be a part of the preschool this fall too! 

I am sorry that I am truly a city girl at heart sometimes.  Who knew that tadpoles would drown in lots of mud??

This is our second attempt at a temporary aquarium….not bad!  


Talk about multitasking….Here is Sarah getting tadpoles with a 12 month old on her hip, her six year old supervising beside her, and Max deciding if walking in the mud is a good choice.  Oh, life with three!! 

This little family has become some very special friends.  Not only are our children pretty much the exact same age, Max (her three year old) is going to be in my preschool this fall, and Sarah used to teach Kindergarten too.  Sometimes you just meet a mommy and you know that you are kinder spirits, and going to be life long friends.  Thanks for joining us Sarah!  She of course has a blog too Live Laugh and Learn, and wrote about our adventure here… 


Thanks for joining us Sarah! 

After our tadpole collecting we took the kids to the creek.  That didn’t go as planned either.  Bradley was holding Ellie’s hand while they made their way into the very shallow, but FREEZING water.  You can pretty much guess where this is going…

Bradley falls while holding Ellie’s hand and Ellie gets dragged into the freezing cold stream too.  I was proud of them, Bradley laughed it off, and Ellie didn’t get too bent out shape.  Grace was going crazy, because I was wearing her in the Eurgo and she wanted in on the action.  Not long after our spills I called it quits.  I slowly walked home two dripping, freezing children, and a screaming toddler in the Eurgo.   



Unfortunately this is what a lot of my mornings and afternoons look like lately.  Grace crying uncontrollably over something.  Anything pretty much.  The above photo was her crying because I carried her out of the bathroom in the basement.  She kept going in there and closing the door on herself and then getting upset because she couldn’t get out.

After three children I still have no clue about the mind of a toddler.  none.

I pretty much covered what not to do on a spring adventure. 


Don’t drown your tadpoles in mud, it makes Kindergarteners cry. 

Don’t let your kids going into a freezing creek while they hold hands with each other. 

Don’t wear your toddler near the creek.  She will scream at you to get in the water, and go crazy when you don’t let her.


bring a friend, it always make adventures with three kids more fun.

laugh at yourself.  parenting is a humbling experience. I am constantly reminded of this, and how I often don’t know what I am doing.

bring a really big container to collect tadpoles, and a net.  They won’t drown in mud and then your children will be happy.

lessons learned.


Lindsay said...

LOL sounds like quite a day! Glad you got some new tadpoles!! Can't wait to hear about the adventure!

Colleen said...

I hate technology in that way!! it's never easy. cute pics!

Jenny said...

you are one brave mama, not sure i could do the tadpoles! guess i better get used to it.

laura said...

what an adventure!