Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dinner Dates


These two monkeys bring me so much joy!  I took them out on a dinner date the other evening, and it was all smiles, silliness and giggles.  Ellie decided that she didn’t mind if her hair was a mess.  No need for a brush or a pony tail.  So, we hopped out of the house and let Daddy put Gracie to bed.  We ate at the kids favorite little place, Otto’s.  The menu consists of quesadillas and hot dogs.  What more could a kids ask for??


After dinner they took turns passing the ipad back and forth while sipping on strawberry milkshakes and ice cream with sprinkles.  It is all of these little moments that you hope don’t pass you by.  The giggling, the random sticker on her dress, the tongue rolling six year old that thinks he is hilarious, and the little sister that thinks that tongue rolling is just as funny.  These are the moments.  The small ones that matter.



The big moments are just as special.  But there is just something magical about a normal Wednesday night and dinner at their favorite little place in town. 

Summer is right around the corner.  Kindergarten is ending in just a few weeks.  Soon I will have a first grader.  I really can’t even say the words.  It is just absolutely terrifying how quickly this year went by.  School, bus pick up and drop off, lunches packed and eaten, snacks to be made, library books to return to school, show in tell to bring each week.  The week is so packed full of “to dos” that you forget all of the little things that happened in between.  And how little time I have with Bradley each week, makes it fly by even faster.  I am so looking forward to having him around this summer.  I have missed him so much.  But, first grade, really?!!

Somebody pinch me, it is going so fast already!


laura said...

love these little moments...

and first grade?! holy moly! i'm barely wrapping my head around kindergarten and thanking my lucky stars every day that syd's private school's k-program is half day! for totally selfish mommy reasons, of course.

Lindsay said...

What a fun date night!! Love those two kiddos (and Gracie of course too)! Oh summer days what childhood is made of!

amanda said...

so sweet friend. seriously i can only imagine the extra special fun that it is to spend time with the two bigs. not that the third isn't delightful - but you know what i mean :)

Colleen said...

omg Clare, Ellie looks so grown up with that wild hair pic!!! Such cute pictures.