Saturday, April 6, 2013


There have been a bunch of little events going on in the past few weeks that I haven’t been able to blog about!  It is always great to just throw them together in a post and call it a day.
That’s what it feels like sometimes! 
This past St. Patrick’s Day Chris was on his yearly beach golfing trip with the boys.  So, it was up to me to be sneaky all by myself.  The leprechauns sure were tricky…
They dumped out our toys and dyed our milk green!  Then they left little gold coins sprinkled around the house with some fun St. Patty’s glasses and beads…
I think some of the children drank WAY too much green milk!
After St. Patty’s day we had a short break, followed by a week of birthdays!!
St. Patty’s Day wouldn’t be complete without playing with our green, glittery play dough
And then Daddy turned 35 on Wednesday, March 27th, the same day that Baby Winn turned One!  Special times…
We did a little cookie cake with the kids before heading out to an awesome dinner at the Ivy Inn!
Ahhhhhh, spring sort of arrived…
At least for long enough for us to open up the sand box and get to work!  The littlest babe was in super duper sand heaven.  She was covered from head to feet in sand.  Sensory overload for her. 
The last little Tid Bit is the visit from the Easter bunny.  It was a strange Easter this year, because I stayed home with Grace while Chris took the older two down to his mom’s house on the farm.  They had a blast seeing the new baby calves, feeding the donkey, and going on an Easter egg hunt in Grandma’s back yard.  Bradley even found some money in his eggs! 
I decided to stay back with Grace for the main reason because she is really challenging right now.  Every child goes through that period where they are non-verbal and just plain difficult.  Pleasantly, when it was just Grace and I hanging out she was great!  I could give her loads of attention, do exactly what she wanted to do, and follow her schedule for the weekend.  We had a great time! 
Other than attempting to eat Easter Brunch with my parents which consisted of my mom holding her, my dad walking her around, and me walking her around, i.e. not much eating.  It really was a great weekend with her!  You would think after having two other children I would know that you can’t take a 17 month old out to eat.  Ever.
Once we got done with our attempt at Easter brunch, I rushed home so I could see the big kids come home from the farm.  I didn’t get many photos, but the Easter bunny was really generous and thoughtful this year.  Bradley got a Star Wars book, the Star Wars movies, and his very first real watch (also Star Wars).
Ellie got a caterpillar habitat (more on that fun later!), silk scarves for dressing up and music, some rainbow ribbons for her music time, egg shakers, and lots of candy.
Little Gracie got some scarves too, along with some egg shakers.  It was a mellow and quiet Easter this year for us! 
Well, that about covers the end of March and beginning of April, whew!! 
Happy weekend!! Love, Clare


Lindsay said...

whew I hear you! This time of year is so crazy for our families! I heard you did awesome in your half marathon today!! Dad came to Sammy's t-ball game this afternoon and told me you got in under the time you wanted!!

Jenny said...

Looks like the last couple of weeks have been busy!

Love all the shamrock action on St. Patricks day!