Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Break with the Littles

Last week we had spring break.  Me + All three children + 5 uninterrupted days = exhausting + fun.

If you caught all of that, basically we were home for spring break, and didn’t go to any exotic locations, but I tried to make it as fun as possible!  We are still working around Gracie’s nap schedule, so I tried to make my time with the two big munchkins special.  I made a huge list on our chalkboard of spring break activities:

  • play dates
  • trip to Maymont Park and Petting Farm
  • watching our caterpillars grow
  • make an insect book
  • play with our “insects” in new mud play dough
  • plant our seeds for our raised garden bed
  • trip to the BIG library
  • ABC Easter Egg Hunt
  • Easter Egg Sound matching game
  • Caterpillar crafts
  • flower shop play dough
  • garden sensory bin

I must say that we really got to most of the activities on our list!  Having a sketched out ‘plan’ made the week more manageable for me and exciting for them! 

Our trip to Maymont was the highlight of the week.  Chris took the day off of work, and we packed a picnic for the trip, and we were off!  The sign at the entrance of the petting farm…too perfect!



Ellie inspecting the roosters.

Gracie was just as excited at Maymont.  The animals were right at her level and she could just reach out and give them a pet. 


Right now we are in the middle of the stroller wars with Gracie.  She needs to be in a stroller, because she wanders off and runs away from you in large areas.  But, she hates the stroller and squawks and fusses in it because it is so confining.  We tried to give her some time out of the stroller at Maymont for running and playing with the big kids.  The problem was convincing her to get back in the stroller so we could continue our journey.  Cue the arched back tantruming toddler.  Fun times.  Refer to happy toddler below.  This is before we asked her to get back in the stroller…


I also didn’t realize until we got home that I had dressed Gracie in the most un-coordinating stripe outfit ever.  Oh the things that you let go of by the third child.  This never would have happened with Bradley!


After our trip to Maymont Petting Farm, I set up a sensory activity for the kids to play with after their naps.  The animals were sitting in a bag of birdseed (a mixture of grains, corn, peanuts and other fun things), the ducks were in a pond of blue gak, and the pigs were in their mud pit of play dough.


The cows quickly made their way into the gak with the ducks.


The mud play dough was awesome!  The recipe can be found here.

I think it is my new favorite play dough recipe and I will be using it for the basis of all of my future homemade play doughs.  It is SO SO soft, easy for the kids to manipulate and work with.  The recipe calls for 10 tablespoons of oil and I think that is the trick!  To make it mud, you add in a cup of cocoa, so it smells delicious too!




Bradley came up with idea to cover all of the pigs in mud to look like they were actually playing in the mud.  Love him!  Basically our whole day revolved around our trip to Maymont and talking about animals.

More spring break adventures to share soon!! Love, Clare


Colleen said...

you are so good with this stuff Clare! Can't believe how big grace is!

Lindsay said...

So fun!! (catching up on blogs) I love the gak and playdough add in! Maymont sounds fun.. we will have to check it out this summer!