Monday, April 15, 2013

Insect Fossils & Other Fun Stuff


We had a lot of fun at home during spring break!  I made this amazing mud play dough (thank you Pinterest-again!) and Bradley really got into it.  He figured out that if you squished things into the play dough you could see their outline when you lifted them out of the dough….smart boy!


Here is Ellie making the snake outline in her play dough, we decided that the snake and the centipede were our favorite impressions to make!  First, squish in your insect into the play dough.


Then slowly lift it out to see the cool impression you made…


Then you have to feel your impression, of course!


Bradley and I tackled a huge project during spring break, counting all of the change in the house.  Bradley has been learning about money at school, and I figured what better way to practice then to count the money we have lying around??

Well, it ended up being a much bigger project than I think Bradley and I were ready for.  It took us a few hours over one afternoon, but we counted out endless amounts of coins.  He would lay out the pennies into five groups of ten.  Then I would double check his counting before putting them in the coin sleeve.  The pennies were never ending, but I promised him $5 if he helped me with the project.  He wanted to give up and few times, but money is beginning to be a big source of motivation for him.  We counted out over $90 worth of change, and my drawers are a lot less crowded now too!


We were really late on our egg dying because of the kids being gone for Easter.  So, we had to dye some eggs at the beginning of the week.  Bradley did a bit of tie dye with his eggs and rubber bands.  Ellie just enjoyed rolling them in all of the different colors.  It is great to just let them do their own thing and not give them tons of direction sometime.  They are creative little things and often surprise me with their aesthetic.





It was a great week together with the all the kids at home.  I only wish the weather had been a bit warmer for more time outside!  Of course the first week back at school was beautiful and warm.  We have been outside almost every afternoon since school has been back in session.  Bring on the spring weather!


Lindsay said...

What fun you guys had! Bradley did a great job counting the money! Yay for earning $5! Sammy is starting to be motivated by it as well!

Jenny said...

love the play dough activity...will love making impressions in the dough too!

way to go bradley on counting the money!