Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Glammed Up


Chris and I were excited to get dressed up for the Big Gig two weeks ago.  It isn’t very often when you are mom that you get a chance to don a tuxedo and your best dress.  In true crazy style we had the most hectic day with ballet, t ball, chris has two sales appointments for work, and I took Bradley to a birthday party in the afternoon.  It was a small feat to get the children settled and us showered, let alone in fancy clothes. But, we made it happen!


It was a fun night out for a good cause.  All of the proceeds went towards the local Boys and Girls club in our area.  We got to drink, eat a yummy dinner, and get entertained by Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long…


I was trying to just snap pictures with my iphone and they are hard to make out our celebrity hosts.  We lived it up, if only for a night.  Good friends…look at these boys!


The amazing Jessica and Wes!!



It is always fun in the moment and then the aftermath is never pretty.  Gracie woke up at 6:15, screaming for us in her crib.  I came down later to relieve Chris and I found him curled up on the couch downstairs, the basement trashed, and Ellie playing a triangle instrument over and over again in his ear. 

It is fun to do once in a while though!!  Until next time!



Jodee said...

What a fun night out! You look amazing!

Lindsay said...

You guys sure clean up nice!! So glad you guys had fun!