Sunday, March 3, 2013

The World of Legos


I sometimes feel that I am completed surrounded by Legos at my house.  I find them everywhere, there is currently a Ninjago, military helicopter, and bank robber on-going action fight that is set up on our dining room table right now.  There are million pieces, they all have special names and weapons, and they are a big part of Bradley’s every day play at our house.  I like Legos for many different reasons though too.  They are open-ended, they help Bradley follow step by step directions, and they provide great imaginative play.

Even Ellie asked for a BIG ninjago Lego set for her birthday, and some princess stuff too….I think she will always want to be like her big brother.


A few weeks ago we packed up our biggest two and headed to Richmond for “Legofest.”  I didn’t really have any idea what we were getting ourselves into.  It was really, really fun.  But, there were thousands of people.  It was a little overwhelming for Chris and I, and I know the kids too.  We had a blast walking around all of the exhibits and seeing the sites.  There were so many cool stations set up for the kids to try out.  Bradley was making a Lego car and then sending it down the ramps at the cars and raceways station.  Ellie got in on the action too!


We met up with our good friends Chris and Brad, and their sweet little guys Alex and Brady.  They recently moved out of our area, so it was fun to catch up with them.  Alex and Ellie are sending their cars down the ramp!


There was a HUGE Duplo and a HUGE Lego pile for the kids.  Ellie and hung out in the Duplo section for a good part of the morning.  Here she is exploring the Duplo blocks.  There were so many, it was crazy!!!


We split up with the kids, because they were interested in different parts of the event.  Bradley and I went to the “Creation Nation” station and made a little part of the United States.  You got a simple green board and then put any type of structure you wanted on it.  Bradley made a house, but some people made airports, building, tall sky scrapers.  Then you dropped off your building and told them what state you wanted it placed in within the outline of the United States.  It was really cool to see!


You can see the white outline of the United States and all of the cool things that were created that weekend.  Such a neat idea for the kids!  I think it was great to for Bradley to see people just making anything they wanted to make.  He loves getting Lego sets and following the directions step by step.  But, part of the fun of Legos is being creative.  I think he was really inspired by what he saw there!


The whole event was super fun, and we made a day out of it.  We finished up at the Legofest and had lunch with our friends and headed home.  I think this Lego event is touring the entire US!


I love my little Lego man and I know there are many more years to come with Legos in our house!!


Colleen said...

these crack me up because they are a huge hit in our house too. In fact, I need to buy a bigger bin as they no longer fit in the one I bought!! they keep them busy for so long.

Lindsay said...

How awesome!!! I so need to go to this with Sammy next time! We are in Lego mania over here!! Looks like everyone had a blast!