Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Big Purge



Life has been crazy busy over here!! Lots and lots of fun stuff to share.

First, I must tell you about a really fun date that Ellie and I had a few short weeks ago.  We actually went on it in the middle of the Noro virus hitting Chris and Bradley.  It was also the same day that I got the most disgusting round of pink eye.  Hence my glasses in the picture above. 

Ellie and I got all dressed up and went to see the Broadway “Beauty and the Beast” here in town.  Ellie was over the moon excited about our date.  She LOVES the movie and LOVES Belle most of all.  We watched the movie before going to the show, so that we were all fresh on our favorite characters.  Gaston, the Beast, and Mrs. Potts didn’t disappoint.


And getting to go to on a special date with my little girl was pretty amazing too.  We put on make-up together, she borrowed some of my jewelry, and I really tried to make it an important night.  All that despite the rounds of sickness and vomit we had endured that weekend, it was still really fun.

It makes me dream about all of the fun times we will have as she continues to grow.  I still think of her as my “littlest babe” but she will be 3 in a few weeks, and it showing maturity more and more.


We went down to South Hill two weeks ago for Baby Winn’s Baptism.  It was such a great time with the whole family.  Grace was really difficult and just trying throughout the weekend, but we tried to make the best of it. 

Moral of the story:  We WON’T be traveling with Grace for quite some time.  She was horrible in the car, horrible while we were there, and just fussy and dominating.  I had a hard time enjoying myself with family when my non-verbal toddler was screeching in everyone’s faces.  Bradley and Ellie had a blast at Grandma’s house though.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a lot of photos (and non of the baptism) because I was chasing Grace from one side of the church to the other!  I actually had to take her outside during the baptism since she just wouldn’t sit still with us during the service.  We love you baby Winn!!  Chris and I are so excited to be your Godparents!

In more random news:

1. My preschool is FULL!!  I have all five families signed up for next school year.  I couldn’t be more thrilled!  More news on that front soon, since my Crozet PlaySchool Blog should be up and running soon.

2. I am in the middle of a major, MAJOR, house purge.  I am going through all of my teaching bins.  I am organizing everything into “keep for preschool, save for future teaching, donate, or trash.”  It is quite a job.  I have a ton of stuff pulled out in the basement.  As much as I would like to have it all done tonight, it just won’t be, because I have so much teaching stuff, it filled up a U-Haul when I moved out of school.  It’s gonna take some time.

3.  While I am purging the basement, my next job will be the house.  Our neighborhood is having a yard sale in April, and I plan to get rid of A LOT.  Children’s clothes, old toys, old craft stuff, old everything.  If you know anything about me, I like to get rid of stuff, donate it, or just throw it away.  This yard sale is calling my name, because there are just some areas in the house that I have been avoiding and it is time to get them cleaned up!

4.  Ellie turns 3 in two weeks.  After I am done with basement purge I am moving on to all things Pinkalicious.  I am actually trying to keep her party pretty low key and easy.  Her major gift is a huge project we have been working on in the basement.  Now that it is completed, I can’t wait to share it with you! 

5. My half marathon is April 6th!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was doing so good with my training until the middle of January.  Then our house was hit with one thing after another.  I have been going to the gym, but I haven’t been running long distances.  Today I got back in the saddle and ran 10 miles.  I felt like it was going to kill me, and then I felt awesome, and then I just wanted to drink water.  I have to run 11 miles and 12 miles the following two weekends to get myself prepped.  Along with some smaller runs during the week.  I really want to run it and feel good while completing it.  I hope I can fit everything in and get myself ready in the next four weeks.

6. I am ready for spring. Period.

7. I promise to take pictures and share our huge, AMAZING project that Chris lovingly worked on for two months in the basement this week.  I already have the post half written.  I just need to get my photos together.

Have a great Monday! Love, Clare


Colleen said...

I wish we were closer so you could inspire me to run like that! That's impressive. love the idea of your girl one on one time. bet she loved every minute!

Lindsay said...

So I am way behind on reading posts! So I am catching up tonight!! Love that you and Ellie went on a date! So glad she loved it! Love that picture of Chris and the kids on the ATV! Can't wait to see the house! Yay on being full!