Friday, March 29, 2013

Snow Themed Sensory Play

snow village

It seems that Winter just won’t let up at our house.  We had another big snow on Ellie’s birthday and the kids were home on Monday from school.  I thought I would share some of the snow themed play that we have been having over here.

shaving cream snow village

The other week we made a “Snow Village” which was as simple as can be!  Grab a handful of simple toys that are OK to get wet + a large tray + shaving cream = an awesome snow village.  To make my life easier I set up a board for both Bradley and Ellie.  I just used polar bear, duplo men and animals, and a fire and police set that it really chunky and can get wet.   


They played and played!  I was proud of Bradley because he actually got a little ‘dirty’


This is his version of getting dirty at least.  He used to not even touch shaving cream at all, so I was impressed!  Ellie was her usual crazy self and I had to strip her down for her shaving cream snow village play time.


They both had fun discussing their level dirty-ness!  Ellie loves sensory play, and couldn’t get enough of rubbing her hands around in the shaving cream. 


She had more fun with the shaving cream, then with her village people.  Bradley used it more as a imaginative play opportunity.



For fairly easy clean up I set up a “toy washing station.”  I pulled up two stools to our large kitchen sink.  Then I showed them how to carefully hold each object under water and inspect it for any left over snow.  Then I laid out drying towels so they could let their toys air dry.  I think they enjoyed this part just as much as playing in the shaving cream!

For our second adventure in “Snow Play” we used our same large trays, filled them with piles of snow and brought them indoors.  First I laid out large towels on the kitchen table, and put the tray of snow on top of the towels.  Then I set up four cups with liquid watercolors.  You can find them here at Discount School Supply (best site ever!!).  Along with the squeeze droppers.  You can buy 12 of them for $2.99!


Then I just let the kids go to town with the snow!  They squeezed different colors and it ended up looking quite beautiful.  I loved how they both approached the activity differently.  Bradley wanted to put his colors down deep inside the snow, Ellie just saturated her areas until they were dripping with paint.



After a few round of snow painting we were thoroughly sick of snow play!  I can’t wait for spring!!


Lindsay said...

What fun!! Looks like you guys had a blast :-) Way to go Bradley on getting a little dirty!

laura said...

really, i think our march babes would be like the bestest of friends if we lived in your most happiest place on earth...

and, sure the crozet playschool doesn't want to open a durham, nc chapter! ;) all your "pinning" is just inspiring!