Friday, March 15, 2013


I’m not sure who is more excited about this space, Ellie or ME!!!!!!!!!!!  The basement playhouse is finished and Chris did such a great job!!  He has worked tirelessly for two months on the weekends and at nights finishing this playhouse for sweet Ellie’s Third Birthday Bash… 


I dreamed up this idea back in December when Chris and I were talking about future house projects.  Every year we pick three really big projects we want to complete for our house.  I had a few ideas about our basement space for the kids. 

There was some mismatched shelves and furniture, and I started to dream about what I wanted the space to look like.  When we are in the basement, my girls LOVE to play with their kitchen.  I think we own just about every piece of Melissa and Doug play food on the market.  We had some colored shelves that had all of the food stacked up next to the kitchen.  After doing some searching on Pinterest I asked Chris if we could build a playhouse for the girls in the basement.  He wasn’t quite sure what I was talking about, but once I started explaining it to him he was not excited.  He HATES Pinterest.  He thinks it is bad news for husbands in general.  Especially when their wives dream up big things, but then need their husbands help to complete them (like me!!).

In the end he agreed (sort of) and we decided to try and finish it before her birthday. I am dying to throw her a “Pinkalicious” Tea Party in her new playhouse.  It is AMAZING!!!  To say that Chris did an awesome job is an understatement.  Once I got him on board with the plan for the house, he was busy researching and ordering material.  He even found a wireless light switch so you could turn on the lights inside the house with the flip of a switch.


   The house with the lights on!

I sewed little curtains for the windows with some leftover fabric from our dining room curtains.  Of course we had to get a little mailbox for the house to get our letters delivered!  All of the colored furniture (it was mostly red from Bradley’s old playroom) was primed and painted white.

A view looking in the front door…



A view of the newly painted white shelves, and the same kitchen my parents gave Bradley a  few years ago.  In one side of the playhouse I set up a baby doll area.  We are in baby doll overload, and I made a basket for the dolls and a basket for all of their things (clothing, bottles, sippy cups, etc).


The other side has the previous red table and chairs painted white, with a hook for Ellie’s Bitty Baby diaper bag.


Once you go up the ladder, there is a carpeted reading area.  I had a bunch of left over pillows, some day I would love to sew up some cute matching pillows.  For now the hand me downs will do.  I was difficult to get a full view picture of the top of the playhouse, but you can get the general idea.


Looking out of the reading loft…


It is such a fun space!!  Bradley likes to take up games and activities up the ladder to have some space to lay things out.  Grace can’t climb up the steps yet either so it is perfect for a big kiddo get away.

The other part of the playhouse was a dress up area.  Originally we were going to have the dress up area inside of the house.  But, after painting the shelves and seeing just how much play food we have, we decided to make a moveable shelf that could sit out in the main basement area.  Ellie has acquired quite a bit of dress up clothes.  They were in crates in our basement closet before Chris built this shelf.  They would get all tangled up, pieces were missing from sets at the bottom of the bins, and we just really needed a place to hang them up all up.  Isn’t it great?!



I found these really cool hooks and we are using them to hang jewelry and all of the dress up accessories.  Next to the shelf we hung a full length mirror for the little ones to admire their attire!



Here is another view of that side of our basement.  When you come down the stairs it takes up one whole side of the basement area. 

It has turned into such a special space, and I know that it is going to get years and years of use.  Ellie and Grace immediately head for their house as soon as we come downstairs to play.  This project was WAY more time consuming and detailed then I could have ever imagined.  From framing, sanding, wood puttying, sanding, painting, priming, carpet laying, on and on.  HUGE!  I just didn’t realize how much work something like this would involve. 

I am so thankful that I have a kick ass husband that is willing to create something this special for his children.  Chris you ROCK!!  I LOVE YOU!!  And I promise I won’t look up any more projects on Pinterest that I can’t complete myself. 

Love, Clare


amy said...

WOW! I absolutely LOVE it. My brother and I would have flipped for this as kids. GREAT JOB Chris!

laura said...

i mean, HELLO!
that is just plain awesome!
go chris!!!

Lindsay said...

woohooo this looks so good!!! I can't believe how great it turned out!!

3 Peanuts said...

It is darling!!!!

Kiki said...

Amazing!! Looks incredible!!.... ummmmm playdate!!!

Kiki said...

Amazing!! Looks incredible!!.... ummmmm playdate!!!

eas said...

You guys are the coolest parnts ever! Great job.

amanda said...

seriously friend this is insane!! pretty sure all playdates will be at your house from now until forever!

high five to chris!!

Colleen said...

it's awesome!! such a fun space for your littles. What a great addition to your playroom.