Monday, March 25, 2013

“Just call me Pinkerella!”


If you haven’t had the chance to read any of the “Pinkalicious” books you are missing out!  They are a favorite over at our house, and they are usually read multiple times a week.  Pinkalicious is the original book and there are now many others…Purplicious, Emeraldalicious, Silverlicious, etc.  Ellie has been in love with this character for so long, and I kind of love her myself.  She eats so many pink cupcakes that she turns pink.  What better way to celebrate your third birthday, than through the eyes of Pinkalicious?! 

So we did a party in honor of Pinkalicious!  We had matching Pinkalicious wands…


I made them by spray painting dowel rods gold, then hot gluing ribbon to the top of the dowel rod.  Once the glue was set, I cut out the stars from glitter adhesive foam pieces and stuck them together!  Easy!  I also threw in a blue and green wand for Bradley and Sammy too!

Then we made our very own Pinkalicious crowns…


I found all of the supplies for these at the craft store.  Even the perfectly matching pink crowns that fit everyone’s heads.  That is always a plus!  I set up stations so children could each have a space to work on their crowns.  There were some Pinkalicious directions at each spot.


We also made Pinkalicious necklaces…



After everyone made their crafts we played, Pin the Cupcake on Pinkalicious!!  Please ignore my horrible drawing of Pinkalicious.  I tried.  Then Ellie decided she wanted to help me color her dress, and I figured why not?  It adds to her charm!


Haven gave it a whirl


I think Lilia actually won!  It was cute, and we played it a few times as a family before and after the party.  It is funny when the little things from your own childhood transfer to your our kids’ lives.  Sometimes the simple things are the best!


Then we had a simple little Pinkalicious Tea Party (minus real tea + pink lemonade).  There were pink covered strawberries, pink dipped marshmallows, and of course pink cupcakes!



Then it was time for singing Happy Birthday to our sweet Ellie!



Lastly, we hopped on some toys, took some photos, and everyone raced home to get out of the snow!  What weird birthday weather.  Last year we took beautiful photos on the porch and went for a walk around the neighborhood.  Yesterday during the party we had so much snow by the evening that the school called at 8 pm to say that schools would be closed on Monday.  I think Bradley will be in Kindergarten until August.





Wow!  Ellie, I can’t really believe that it has been three years!  I told you the story today of your birth (minus all of the scary stuff).  I told you that my belly really hurt and then we went to the doctors and you popped out!

You told me that you “didn’t like being in my belly, it was squishing your fingers so you had to come out.” 

God I love you little girl.


Then we sang to you tonight at dinner and cut your cake to eat as a family.  We served everyone a small piece of cake with ice cream.  I think you have decided you only like the icing.  You picked up your cake with your hands, ate the icing, and then proceeded to stick your face in the bowl to get every last drop of ice cream out.  You were covered in icing and ice cream.  Some things never change!

I love you just the way you are.  Covered in icing and ice cream. 

You wouldn’t have been the spunky little newborn that gave us the scare of our lives three years ago.  This is a picture of looking up at Daddy, and I was far away at another hospital.  An IV stuck into your head and your arms covered in bruises from the doctors and nurses looking for veins.  It is hard to believe that little newborn and the ice cream covered child are even the same person. 


Now with some time and distance on that moment I know that I appreciate your being YOU.  When you first get to hold your baby something magical happens to you as a Mom.  You see everything in your baby’s eyes.  The future.  The past.  And a world of hopes, dreams, and love.  I know that sounds cheesy, but I will never forget Chris wheeling me in to finally hold you three days after your birth for the first time.  They stuck me in a horrible upright chair, my c-section was aching, and I held you and cried and cried and cried some more.


You were YOU, and that was magical and powerful.  I love you so much and I always will.

Happy Third Birthday little one!!


Colleen said...

love it! everything came out so cute Clare. love the cupcake toppers and the little stations. such a cute idea. my girl loves these books too.

amy said...

Having a Pinkalicious birthday party would be my dream come true. :) So cute as always Clare - you're a great mommy. xo

laura said...

such a fun party, friend!

where oh where did the time go? sometimes i have to pinch myself and remember that "that" march really did wasn't just a bad dream. sounds like you do too...

and, my miracle march baby also only eats the icing.

happy birthday to yours!

amanda said...

happy happy birthday sweet girl!!

looks like the most perfectly pink party ever!!

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday Ellie!! You are such a little firecracker and I love it! XOXO Auntie Lindsay!