Monday, February 25, 2013

Wandering Down a New Path


I’m not sure if I am so much wandering, but I may be running full force towards a new path in my life.  Whether I am wandering or running, it is exhilarating to see a dream realized.  I am chasing my dream, full force.  Here I come life, watch out!


I have spent the better part of seven years at home with my sweet children.  I love my children dearly.  When fall came around in 2012  I felt that something was missing.  I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I felt a deep longing for work, stimulation, and a balance again of family and filling my needs as the teacher hidden inside.

I looked around for a job this fall.  I was offered two different preschool positions, and the pay was astounding low.  It wouldn’t even cover the childcare bill for Gracie.

Then I looked into a job in the public schools.  My old principal offered me a job three days a week.  I would have to leave before Bradley even got on the bus in the morning, and I wouldn’t be able to get him off the bus.  Just the childcare juggling alone would have been a huge shift for our family.

I left it alone.  I figured this just wasn’t my season for work, it would fit in when the time was right. 

I bought a sewing machine.  Maybe that would be my cure??


I appliqued hoodies and poured myself into projects around the house. 

But the nagging was still there.  I have had a dream since I visited Reggio Emilia Schools in Italy in the summer of 2000 with Virginia Tech, that I would open my own preschool.

Could I do it?  Would Chris be ok with people coming and going in our house?  After much discussion, research, phone calls, thinking, and anticipation I have decided to open a small home-based preschool for the 2013-2014 school year.


I am now the proud owner of Crozet PlaySchool LLC.

I have been busy setting up my state license, get insurance, and hammering out the fine details of the program.  I sent out a few feeler emails to my local facebook friends and a community email group.  I got a lot of positive feedback.  I have had three families view the preschool space, and get answers to their questions about the program I will be offering. 

I currently have 3 three year old children signed up for three mornings a week next year!!!  This is huge!  I was hoping for just two children to get started.  And I already have three in one weeks time.  Amazing!

There is such a need on our side of town for some more preschool options.  I am hoping to fill the other two spots soon, and I have a few more families viewing the space this week.  There is nothing more frightening to put yourself, your passion, and your dreams out there.  But, I feel like I have found a way to fulfill that burning need to get back to teaching, but still be the mom that my family needs in the next five to six years while my girls are preschool aged.

And who knows, this may be the beginning of something even more magical?  Possibly opening a permanent location for Crozet PlaySchool in the years to come?


And I hope through this process I am showing each of them how important it is to follow your heart and your dreams…


Jodee said...

Congrats on following your dreams! That sounds like the perfect job for you! I can't wait to hear all about it!

Amy - OPC said...

AWESOME Clare! So inspiring. I'm thrilled for you!

laura said...

oh my amazingness! i wondered what was going on when i saw all your pins! this is just simply perfect! yet another reason why i wished my family and i lived in your most happiest place on earth...

bravo, friend! bravo! can't wait t follow along on your journey!

Colleen said...

Yay!!! Such a great post. love that you are doing this. I'm with Laura, wish I was in your area. Would not be a doubt in my mind sending my kids to you!

amanda said...

so happy for you friend! this is HUGE news!!

Jenny said...

you will do amazing! you are so patient and caring, I think it will be a huge success.

Lindsay said...

I am so beyond proud of you Clare!! You are going to love this new adventure I just know it!