Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Traditions New and Old



This year we did our daily advent calendar activity.  It was so fun to watch Bradley run into the socks hanging up in the cubby area and try to read the note I had left them.  The activities ranged from simple to drinking hot cocoa, doing a small craft from Michaels, to large like Breakfast with Santa, or baking cookies for an entire Saturday. 

One of my favorite moments from December was taking the big ones ice skating one Saturday evening.  I had high, high hopes for this event.  It was going to be all things icy, magical, and silly.  Chris had never been ice skating before so he hobbled along the edge and wasn’t any help to the kids.  Bradley took off down the side and when he tried to come back to meet us he fell really, really hard on the ice.  This was within the first five minutes and after that he was done, I mean DONE.  I finally convinced him to come back out after a lot of interrogating, but he still wasn’t a fan.  Now Ellie, she LOVED it!  I figured out how to push her with a bucket in front of her for support and she just kept yelling, “I’m skating mommy, I am really doing it!” 

Bradley eventually got away from his crazy ice skate loving mommy and waited for us by the benches.  Sigh.



Now an event that he loves from start to finish was our now yearly tradition of making the most amazing gingerbread houses at the Boars Head Inn.  It is basically every child’s dream.  Pounds and pounds of candy, premade houses and icing courtesy of the Boars Head Pastry Chefs and Santa Claus walking around the inspect your work.  It doesn’t get much better then that?! 

And, I try to let my Mommy Nazi candy person go and I let him eat and eat unlimited amounts of candy.  Anything he wants.  It is hilarious.








Just a little up close look at our finished product.  It was Bradley’s idea to have the nutcracker chocolates hold up the candy canes.  Such a fun day and I know my Mom had a blast too!

Well, at least I tried a new tradition, right?!  Love, Clare   


Colleen said...

such cute pictures Clare! I would probably be with Bradley!!!! ha!! Love the gingerbread houses. my kids LOVE making them every year.

Lindsay said...

Your houses turned out super cute! I think Bradley is in a sugar coma in that last picture! Sammy ate so much when we made ours as well! Glad you had fun there.. boo on the ice skating.. glad Ellie liked it!

amanda said...

i love how we always have these "visions" of how things go down and then well not so much. and then the opposite, when we think it's going to be no big deal or just real quick and it turns into this totally huge deal!!

guess that's how it works huh?

love all the fun friend!