Monday, January 21, 2013

The Land of the Living


I am somewhat back to the land of the living today.  Sort of. 

Last week’s cold/flu/bug/super cold/death is finally leaving and I am feeling better and better each day.  I was pretty much asleep or out of commission for thursday, friday and saturday.  Lucky for me the weather was supposed to be bad so Chris had a light week at work and picked up the slack at our house in a major way.  I barely made it downstairs most nights to help with dinner and bedtime.  And Saturday I didn’t leave my infested bedroom, in fear of giving the plague to one of my lovely children.


I just wanted to pop in and share some fun little snippets of life lately. 

Princesses are the thing right now.  We got the little people princess castle for Christmas from Gigi and Pop Pop.  We play with it everyday, multiple times a day probably.  The little princesses sing and talk and Ellie has their little voices and songs memorized.  Too cute.


Each princess has a special place.  They each have a certain color of shoes that must be on.  And a certain crown that must be in their hair.  All these items are important when you are playing princesses with Ellie. 

Grace just likes to eat them and rip off their shoes.  She’s not as particular.


The mini pig tail has emerged.  We are in love with it and all of its cuteness.


Right before I got sick I did take Ellie to her first Ballet Class.  It was all things awesome.  It started with her first pair of ballet slippers.  Then we added the little pink leotard and prima ballerina tights and I was in heaven.  Lastly the hair was pulled back for a perfect three year old bun and she was ready.  Ballet here comes Ellie.



I did take more pictures on my camera.  Those will be coming soon, once my full recovery takes place.


Hope you have a healthy Monday!  Love, Clare


Lindsay said...

Ohh my goodness Ellie in her ballet clothes!! Too cute for words!

Jenny said...

hope you are feeling better and Ellie is so, so cute in her little ballerina outfit!

Colleen said...

aww look at her in her leotard!! so cute. Hope you feel better soon Clare!