Friday, January 4, 2013

Six, Let’s Try Again!


The first time I tried to post about being six, there was just too much going on in the world to have a coherent thought.  But, I still have to share the cuties that showed up for Bradley’s Birthday.  This s half of Bradley’s little crew at his “Gymnastics Power Ranger” Birthday party.  Quite a mouthful!!  We are currently IN LOVE with power rangers over here.  Too BAD they are the WORST SHOW EVER!  I don’t even quite understand how he watches them to be quite honest.  My entire queue is full of power ranger shows.  There seems to be more episodes then I ever imagined. 

What do you do when you are crafty and your child loves power rangers?  You applique him a red power ranger shirt, of course!  He is wearing it above at the party.  I am just embracing the obsession people, no use in fighting it!

He does love gymnastics too!  Bradley takes it once a week and has fallen in love with it!  Who wouldn’t love huge trampolines and an entire pit filled with blue foam?  The group got broken up so they each could move around the gym and do different activities.  Some of them did the beam…



They got to jump down the trampoline and jump into the foam pit!!



In the end they brought out an amazing bounce house for the whole gang.  I captured some of the sweet smiles coming down the slides!



Such a blurry picture of Bradley, but might be my favorite one from the party!


I couldn’t forget about the little two year old that was hanging with the six year olds…yep, she is jumping from the blocks into the foam pit.  Love this child’s fearlessness!




Then it was time for cake and candles and singing Happy Birthday to the sweetest Six Year Old Boy I know!



Just as a side note…this was the most unorganized party I have ever thrown!  I have not been my normal planning organized self…

I bought a sheet cake from SAMs and didn’t even ask about the size; it could have fed 100 children

I forgot drinks, so Chris had to run and get them from the gas station, and they only had nasty kool aid;

I put the wrong time on the invites, and I thought I told all of the parents about the change, but I must have forgotten one Dad from Bradley’s class at school.  I didn’t have his number, so we had to wait for 40 minutes after the party in the car for him to come back. 

Not my best birthday planning, wow the holidays really whipped me this year!! Love, Clare


Lindsay said...

I can't believe how big he is! Now to answer your question.. Who wouldn’t love huge trampolines and an entire pit filled with blue foam? Your nephew Sammy.. LOL all jokes aside he did have fun and it was a great opportunity to try something new! He was also super proud of himself for doing the bounce house :-)

laura said...

so much fun!

i love how small the world is and seeing my sorority sister's son in your son's birthday pictures!


amanda said...

such a memorable birthday!!

happy, happy six!!