Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Love Her. It’s That Simple.


I am going to take a moment from my sick filled week to talk about something that is near and dear to me. 

This little girl.  Her name is Eleanor and she is such an important piece of our family.  Her personality.  Her fire for life.  Everything that makes someone unique and special she has. 

She will bring you to your knees with the power of her determination.  Nothing will stand in her way.  This can be used for good or bad.  Either way, she has her mind set on it, it is going to happen. 

She has enough personality for ten children, just all stuffed into one little body.  No, I’m not saying she has multiple personalities, buttttt she is just full to the max of who she is.  If that makes any sense?

DSC_0321  DSC_0322

Her vocabulary is astounding.  She rattles off words, songs, and phrases that are just plain hilarious and unbelievable by a two year old.  I’m not sure where it comes from. 

She will sing and dance and “put on shows” daily.  Bradley is usually the DJ with the keyboard in hand, and she is center stage of the family room.  The songs definitely have a chorus that repeats over and over again.  But, she has a few different originals pieces that are quite fun to listen to.  I know a few friends and babysitters that have fallen under the “show” spell of Ellie.  Believe me, some of the songs never quite end.


Sometimes when I see her marching to her own drum I am in shock.  I think back to the beginning.  What might have been.  Those first scary few weeks and months when we didn’t know what was ahead of us with Ellie.  Our biggest concern was what a wrong with her and was she going to be alright??  To look at her now it almost seems impossible that her story started off so rough. 

She is a miracle.  I know that word is used all the time, but she truly is.


I snapped all of these shots the other day for her first ballet class.  She was over the moon excited to go, and I was right there with her.  I danced for a good portion of my childhood.  Not just danced, but took ballet five, six or more times a week depending on shows and recitals.  It was a huge part of my childhood.  To share that with her would be so special, if she decides it is something she loves doing. 


In this really hard week, full of sick kiddos, and me still not feeling great, I just wanted to remind myself that this is the stuff that dreams are made of.  The little baby girl that was just barely sitting on the floor is now a budding ballerina wanna-be with long pig tails. 

I still see the same twinkle in her eye. 

I love you Ellie Bell.  All of you.  It’s That Simple.


3 Peanuts said...

so sweet...i love watching my girl dance and I know you will love wathching her:)

Jenny said...

such a sweet post Clare. I love all of her dance pictures! I think you need to catch one of her songs in action and post it!

Lindsay said...

Ohh man she totally sucked me into one of her shoes the other day when we were over! I love that sweet girl so very much!! I am getting stuff together to sign Sammy up for tball next week.. and now I know exactly how you feel! I cannot wait to see him in his baseball uniform!

Amy - OPC said...

So sweet!!!!

amanda said...

what is it about seeing our little girls in leotards and tights that brings us to our mama knees??

so so so sweet!!