Monday, January 28, 2013

Don’t Miss the Moment


I figured I better get these pictures up before we creep into February.  Christmas has come and gone and I have hardly had a chance to share about Christmas Day.  The tree was looking beautiful on Christmas Eve and filled to the brim from Santa.  Bradley’s toy pile was on the left and Ellie’s was on the right, and Gracie’s few toys from Santa were in the middle….



A few of Santa's treasures…

I find it easier just to take video on Christmas Morning.  Here is Bradley and Ellie making their way downstairs for the stockings.  I feel like Ellie really “got it” this year….so fun to have two littles in the house that love Christmas Morning.

Christmas Morning


Ellie digging in to some of her presents


This picture really shows just what Bradley looked like for most of Christmas morning.  There was just no stopping him and his present opening has now reached a new speedy peek!



Bradley opening his BIG present the Ninjago battle temple.  I am learning quickly about this Lego world.  There is a lot to learn for the ballet dancing mama.  He knows it all though, and was super happy!

Gracie mostly received books this year.  She has everything from her brother and sister, and at the same time doesn’t really play with anything.  She is just in the walking/tearing apart the house stage.  She got a few simple bath toys, a puzzle, and stack of books.  She was happy with her new loot though too!



She pretty much loves all of her “touchy feely” books that have a bit of fur or a soft spot to find.  Santa found some perfect books just for her!




Santa brought both kids a set of roller skates.  I thought these would be a huge hit….I had two or three birthday parties in a row growing up at the roller skating rink.  Bradley’s skates haven’t even been outside yet.  I tried to take Ellie out in her skates on a warmer day and she started crying so hard and said that they were “scary.”  Mommy fail on that one.


I will say the Legos were a huge hit and he has put together almost everything he got for Christmas.  I absolutely love Legos.  They require a lot of thinking and are a wonderful toy to have in the house.  I am sure we will have a lot more Lego Christmases to come!


Ellie has loved all of her toys too.  The top toys have been the American Girl Bitty Baby, Mobigo, and her dress up clothes.  She is pretty much dressed up every day once we get down to the basement.  Here she is with all of her holiday loot.

I bought her some specific princesses, Tangled and Snow White are her favorites.  But she also got a lot of open ended costumes, princess hats, and capes which she has really been drawn too.  So cute on Christmas day…


“Snow Wipe” as she calls herself…


Opening our stockings 2012

All in all it was a wonderful holiday.  It was much better then the bleary, sleep deprived Christmas of 2011 when Gracie was just a newborn.  As Christmas approached this year I had high hopes.  I was looking forward to the holiday so much with anticipation of seeing two children excited for Santa and all things magical.  It was all that, it was.  I guess I just forget that we still have a very young child in the house.  You can see from the stocking video that it always poses challenges when trying to do things with everyone.  Bradley is trying to open his stocking, Gracie is eating his stuff, it is frustrating for everyone. 

As much as I want to “be in the moment” I am pulled away by the littlest one’s needs and wants.  She still needs her milk, her yogurt, her food spoon fed to her.  Then I have Bradley who is as sweet as sugar, so much fun to be around, and I am torn.  As much as I would like to sit and play Legos with him for hours on end there is a baby who still needs me, or is pulling ornaments off the tree, or climbing up the stairs.  I feel this tug of war in my head and my heart to meet everyone’s needs, and celebrate the holiday in a way that is meaningful to all of my children.

I guess I am writing this more as a note to myself.  Although things look sweet and fun and the kids have on matching jam jams.  It is still diapers, and spilled milk, and always the pull of a mama to be there for all of her children.  I wasn’t necessarily ‘let down’ by the day itself, I guess I was just gently reminded that the first three years are just a LOT of childcare.  It doesn’t matter which way you slice it.  They need you in a major way, and sometimes all of the fluff stuff has to be pushed aside.  There isn’t calmly unwrapping presents with Christmas music in the background.  If you look closely in the photos, there are Cheerios on the floor from Grace because she didn’t have breakfast yet, there was noise and paper everywhere.  It is the chaos of my life.  I guess they didn’t get the memo that is was a peaceful Christmas by the fire…

There will be a day when we all sit around in a circle and talk about each other’s presents and smile patiently while watching each other open our gifts.  It just isn’t right now.  My day was more spent fishing strings and paper and tissue paper out of Gracie’s mouth while telling Bradley to move his Legos off the floor because I saw Gracie chewing on one.  Such is life. 

I just don’t want to miss the moment of now while I am trying to thing of what the moment “should” be.  Because now is good too.  It is just crazy and messy.  But good.


Lindsay said...

What a wonderful Christmas! I think you do a great job of balancing being in the moment and taking care of needs and I am sure everyone had an amazing Christmas!! XOXO

Colleen said...

I think it is exactly as it should be Clare and you are documenting life. That's what it is all about!! beautiful pictures!

Jenny said...

It looks like a great Christmas! I love the picture of Gracie looking right at the precious!

amanda said...

gracie is just edible friend!! and christmas looks magical...mostly bc of the cheerios and the chaos :)

we wouldn't have it any other way and we will miss it something fierce when it's not like this :)