Thursday, January 31, 2013

Do It Yourself: Silhouettes


I really have been a busy lady lately with my craftiness.  It is my place to escape once the kids are in bed and there is peace in the house, I pull a project out.  Sewing, knitting, cutting, painting, it all calls me.  I have high hopes to finally share some of my most beloved projects I have worked on in the past six months. 

I literally finished these silhouettes in September and finally just took a picture of them today!  I have wanted a special something to put in our front entrance.  Looking around online I thought that some simple silhouettes of the kids would look great in our front entrance.  I spent a great deal of time researching how to make them myself.  Like everything this is a very complicated way to make them involving Photo Shop, which I don’t have!  So, I took the more basic plan to make them and I am really happy with the results!

After doing a great deal of searching, I felt this tutorial was the best for how I was going to complete the project.  I found in on this blog, At Home with the Gadbois Family.  I haven’t ever read their blog until this project, but it pulled up when I was doing my silhouette research.  I love her detailed descriptions and adding details to your silhouettes to make them look unique.  For example, she suggests exaggerating their eyelashes and the outline of their hair to really give things definition.

Here is the basic run down…

take a side profile picture of your child with a light background


Then I simply dropped this picture into a Word Document.  I stretched it to the size that I wanted the silhouette to be by using the ruler outline in Word.  I printed them roughly to a 5 by 7 sized picture onto a durable cardstock.

Using sharp scissors or a razor blade I cut around their picture.  Then I outlined this shape with a white colored pencil onto a black piece of cardstock.

Repeat the cutting process with a sharp pair of scissors or razor blade.  Add details for hair, eyelashes, and lips to draw attention to the important details of your child’s face.




Finally I spray painted some black frames from Michaels and a “W” monogram.  I wrote the date and year on the back of the silhouettes so I could change them as my children grow, but save them forever!  I love the way they turned out and I love coming in each day and seeing them in the entranceway of our home.


Lastly I made this crazy paper wreath with ripped out pieces of an old book.  I am not 100% sure about the wreath, but it has been hanging up there for awhile now.  I will probably change it with the seasons or when I want something new.  For now it stays.

There you have it, Do It Yourself Silhouettes!


amanda said...

super sweet! loving that color of blue too!!

i have one from etta jane's first birthday but i have yet to do one of lilly!! slacker mom :) must get motivated!!

Colleen said...

those came out adorable clare! can't wait to see what else you have been up to. you always make such cute things.

Amy - OPC said...

LOVE them Clare!

Lindsay said...

So I kept seeing these at your house and forgetting to ask.. I assumed you bought them somewhere! They are so cute!!

laura said...

Love it!!!! So cute!