Sunday, January 6, 2013

2012 All Wrapped Up

I felt  inspired to create a montage of 2012.  Lots of smiles, events, love, and crazy kids!  Enjoy!


Love, Clare


Lindsay said...

Aww love this montage!! You did such a great job!

laura said...

LOVE it! phillip phillips' "home" will always remind me of this year. here's to 2013!

amanda said...

mildly obsessed with "home" as well!

a beautiful year friend!

Ang said...

I just soaked up your recap of 2012. I cried. I smiled. I cried over the PERFECT song choices. I smiled at Bradley's missing tooth and first day of kindergarten sign, Ellie mowing with Daddy and performing in her Halloween costume, Gracie celebrating her crawl to your feet and holding that HUGE birthday balloon. I remembered the struggles and celebrations tucked in behind each picture. Though our lives have diverged (at least for now), I'm so glad I have your blog to remind me of our mommy connection. :)