Monday, December 3, 2012

The Adventures


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I must finish this post, because I have so many Christmas things to share!  Other than the amazing views, and cool surroundings, I was also there with a great group of people.  I hadn’t met any of these ladies prior to our trip.  They were Cali’s friend’s from her gym and they were great.  Nice moms from my area, and I felt like I walked away with some new friendships. 

We kicked off our trip with a dinner right on the beach the first night.  AMAZING!  I had curried vegetables and it was to die for!


After working out the first day we hopped around the place checking out everyone’s rooms and villas.  Some people were right on the water and their bedroom doors opened right up to the ocean.  It was breathtaking!


Cali and I went with a group out of the resort to go to the local market and just see the surrounding area.  It was very eye opening.  From the people to the signs hanging up, we were in another world!





There was a lot of “meeting up at the bar” after yoga.  Red stripe in hand, or a pina colada or two.  Such fun, and not a thing in the world to worry about.  It doesn’t get much better then that!



The second day we went for our run/swim and then chartered a boat to take us out on the water.  We got to go to this really cool bar on the ocean called Pelican Bar.  It is built on top of a sandbar and made out of driftwood.  A totally cool and crazy experience.  Once in a lifetime.  Once you get off the boat you get a drink and hop back in the water.  It only is waist deep, clear and beautiful!


getting ready to get on the boat! 

We passed a bunch of dolphins on the way and circled around them swimming for a while.  So cool!


Approaching the Pelican Bar….


Getting Closer…


Some of my favorite images from the bar





Swimming and drinking is always a positive…


Then we hopped back on our boat were taken to a private beach for a picnic swimming and sunshine.  Some of us thought it would fun to jump off the boat and swim to shore at the private beach.  Cali went first!


Yours Truly…I had the captain take my picture…can’t believe I am showing this to the outside world…


Swimming to shore, does it get any more beautiful?




I don’t have a lot of pictures from the last day.  I spent 90% of my time laying out on the beach, drinking, and reading.  Toes in the sand and jumping in for a quick swim now and then. 

I came home so thankful and rejuvenated.  Even looking at the pictures calms me a bit.  I know this was probably a once in a “motherhood” experience to get to leave my children for this long.  I of course loved getting to share it with Cali.  Such a beautiful and special friend inside and out!

I am truly thankful to my husband for making it happen, monetarily first of all, but the ease with which he took over running a house of three small children by himself.  Add to that fact, Bradley was sick and home from school, the babysitter canceled, and my Mom had to pull double duty.  Everyone in my family really, really helped out.  I am one lucky girl.  A huge thank you to Chris and my Mom!!

Merry Christmas to me, and happy birthday, and happy valentines day.  I am pretty much done for the next 12 months!

Good bye Jamaica, until next time…



laura said...

oh my heaven! talk about the perfect way to get rejuvenated and refreshed and ready to tackle the next year! so happy you were able to do this, friend! xo!

Jenny said...

amazing!! i feel relaxed just looking at all the beach pictures. so glad you were able to have this experience!

Lindsay said...

Just catching up on things! What fun!! That bar on the sand bar is AMAZING!!!!!