Monday, December 10, 2012

Hokies and the Holidays


Let’s jump back to that other holiday that we just zipped through, Thanksgiving.  I know I am way behind on everything over here.  I have been totally off of my game.  Bradley’s birthday party was lots of fun, but I made a bunch of flub ups including writing the wrong time on the invites.  What is wrong with me??  I definitely have been in a brain fog and can’t keep things straight lately. 

Thanksgiving was small at our house this year.  My sister’s family and my nephew all came down with colds, so it was just our family of five and my parents on Thanksgiving day.  We watched the parade while adorning our Native American and Leaf Headbands from school.  The parade was a huge hit this year.  It started off right in Ellie’s eyes with the all-star cheerleaders leading the parade.  She was memorized and it made me one proud mama. 

Chris cooked the turkey this year and it was delicious.  Kudos to him and his awesome bird skills!


The table and the spread….


And yes that is Bradley making a sulky face in the background.  He still isn’t very adventurous with food and he was already getting nervous about the plates as they were coming out of the oven.  We had a few successes this year though, he tried the baked apples and corn casserole and loved them both.  I think he adds one or two more foods to his favorite list each year.  Hopefully by the time he is 20 he will actually like Thanksgiving Dinner.  That is also a bottle of milk on the table too.  Grace had to have a seat!

Family Love…


After Thanksgiving we had the famous UVA/VT football game on Saturday.  I actually wanted to write an entire post about going to the game because it was momentous event for me.  I have only been back to Virginia Tech one time since I graduated more than 10 years ago.  I went back a few months after my accident to receive my Master’s Degree.  It was very, very difficult.  The ceremony was on the same street as my accident, so we had to walk by that area, and my old dorm where it all happened. 

It always makes me sad that thinking of Virginia Tech is a mix of emotions.  Yes, I loved it there.  I grew so much as a person and turned into an adult (kind of) at the end of my four years.  But, there is always a black cloud for me when I think of college.  On Facebook I have tons of friends that go back regularly.  They post cheery pictures from the football stadium or tailgating.  They are happy to experience a few hours back in the memories of college and all of its glory.  I actually am envious at times.  I wish I could feel as care free as they do about my college experience.

I have been hesitant to go back for many reasons.  One of the reasons is to get to the stadium one of the main walking paths is right over the road where the accident occurred.  I just haven’t wanted to put myself back there.  After talking it over with Chris I thought that if I went back with my kids I may feel differently.  And I did.  We took Bradley with us to the game and it was actually really, really fun.  Yes, I had to walk past the scene of the accident.  But, I had Bradley holding my hand the whole time.  He doesn’t know anything about it, but he helped me more then he will ever know.  Going back with him, and thinking of all I have been blessed with in my life filled me up.  I kept telling myself that I have a purpose and it was right there with me holding my hand.


I am so glad that I went back and conquered some of the fear and the sadness.  I love me some Hokies and I think Bradley does now too!

Love, Clare


Lindsay said...

Still bummed we missed Thanksgiving! Glad you guys had fun! Glad you were able to concur a fear and so proud of you! XOXO

Colleen said...

good for you for doing that. I am sure it was difficult but it's a big step. The turkey looks delicious!!! ha! can you tell I'm hungry right now? glad you guys had a nice day! (and being behind in things is the story of my life!)

amy said...

You're awesome Clare - sending you a big Hokie hug! xo

laura said...