Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Trip

That is just how I will refer to it.  The Trip.  The time away for me.  The beach.  The sand.  The food.  It was amazing.  

Let’s start it off The Trip with the resort.  Jake’s at Treasure Beach is a beautiful, artsy, rustic beach resort.  The villas are unique and blench in with the ocean and the surroundings.  I feel in love with the tile artwork and the use of color.

Here is the entrance.  A simple gate with the conch shells stuffed with cement and painted coral.  The tile work was everywhere, from the steps, to the rooms, to the chef’s cooking area. 

DSC_0133   DSC_0200


The amazing cooking station in the middle of the dining area!! 

The Food.  Jake’s has been written up in a number of travel and food magazines for being a pioneer for farm to table or in this case ocean to table dining.  The menus changed morning, noon and night and were displayed on big chalkboards.


I was in love with the food.  The fruit was in season, the fish was delicious.  I ordered the Ackee and Saltfish for breakfast one morning which is a local fruit and fish that is sautéed together and served with plantains, carnival (there local bread that is fried) and avocados sliced up the size of cantaloupe!!  There was lobster for dinner and even lobster quesadillas for lunch.  You just walked out of your cottage and sat down in their beautiful dining area overlooking the sea and ordered away.


My view from my table….salt water pool and ocean.  breath.


The dining area at night, festive yet romantic too!


Indoor eating if needed, we never sat indoors the weather was perfect the entire trip!!

The rooms.  The rooms varied from little cottages that I stayed to cool and funky beach houses that were equipped with amazing outdoor showers and tubs.  The top floor, just a sunning area to chill out with big seating all around.  One of the girls in our group stayed here, so I got the full tour and it was amazing!



Here is Cali’s cottage from the front.  I only had my up close lens with me, so it was difficult to really capture pictures of the insides of our rooms.  My cottage was attached to the back of hers and was hidden by a bunch of trees, the pics aren’t that great.  Our rooms were artsy and rustic and you slept with a mosquito net around your bed.  It looks really romantic.  Some of the other views I loved…






The exercise.  The part of the trip that was so great was the exercise.  I know that sounds ridiculous to some of you, but it really was.  I have come to really enjoy exercise in a way that I never have before.  It is essential to my daily routine and my sanity.  It gives me focus.  It helps me breath.  It has done more for me than I ever thought possible.  So, sweating in the sun and feeling a little like vomiting was actually quite fun!

We worked out here the first morning….


Yep, on top of the spa of all places, overlooking the ocean.  One hour of TRX and cardio that had a lot of us begging for mercy.  We were dying from the extreme heat and exhaustion of travel.  Again, I loved every second of it.  Here is a view of the spa/workout space from the ocean in a boat.  You can see the TRX ropes hanging from the top.  The spa was beautiful.  I got a massage there that was heavenly.  Laying out on the table while listening to the ocean. 


I think the staff at the resort thought we were part crazy.  They would come and watch us as we were grunting, moaning, and probably wonder why someone would subject themselves to the torture.  After our workout they supplied us with watermelon and watermelon flavored water.  Way better than Gatorade if you ask me.



The second day we went for a run to another bay and went swimming.  I didn’t have my camera since we just brought our running clothes and stripped down to our sports bras when we hit the beach.  Then we ran back for a day of adventure.

The last day we did an athletic training class down in a grassy field and next to the wedding stage…


Just picture plyo jumps on the edge of the stage and running across the field with cones at either end.  it was quite a sight.

The days were completed with some much needed yoga up on roof overlooking the ocean.  The sun would set towards the end for a magnificent site.  I took a break one day to snap some pictures of us bending and posing.


I mean, someone pinch me!! It was just too beautiful!!



Cali’s going to kill me about this one…love it!!!


Namaste.  Breath.

More on our adventures later.  We did laugh and have fun too!!


laura said...

looks like heaven....

amanda said...

sooooo amazing!!

Colleen said...

what a beautiful and peaceful place. glad you had a good time!

3 Peanuts said...


Your trip looks AMAZING!!! So glad you go to do this. It is important to recharge as a Mom

Jenny said...

looks wonderful!!

Jodee said...

Oh my word! What an amazing girls trip! Where were you at? I completely understand the exercise part. I exercised every day while we were in Mexico and I especially loved doing Zumba on the beach! So fun! I can't wait to see more pictures!

Lindsay said...

Wow these pictures are beautiful!! What a fun trip!