Friday, November 9, 2012

Jamaica in less than 24 hours!!


I think he is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Not just because I love him to death, but because he is such a supportive husband and father.  I don’t know a whole lot of Dad’s that would take 5 days off of work to watch three children under the age of five while his wife is off in Jamaica?!!!!

When Grace was born I promised myself that when she turned one and stopped nursing I would go somewhere.  I honestly really didn’t care at the time where I went, just as long as it was somewhere far, far away.  A place where I didn’t have to take care of little babies that wanted to cry and nurse all day.

One year later and I am about to go on a child free trip of a lifetime.  Anyone with young, young children will tell you that going to a coffee shop for 10 minutes child free can feel like a vacation.  Well, imagine plucking up out of trenches of motherhood and heading to a hot, sunny resort, with my own room, my own books, my own ipod, my own nook, and no one to take care of?!!  I don’t know what I am going to do with myself.


Cali asked me if I wanted to go with a group of girls from her gym last spring, and I jumped at the chance.  We are headed here, to Jake’s Treasure Beach in Jamaica.  The owner of Cali’s gym is leading the group.  We will work out and do different fitness classes in the morning, yoga in the afternoon, and lots of book reading and drinking wine in between.  I think is sounds heavenly.  A chance to re-boot, relax, and come home feeling healthy and not 5 pounds heavier.

I am soooo looking forward to uninterrupted girl time and adult conversation.

Opportunities to work out and stretch myself physically. 

Drinking cocktails and wine will be high on the list too. 

Don’t forget….sleeping in, taking naps, taking a nap on the beach, reading books for as long as I want, eating meals without feeding other people, eating meals without having Ellie eat half of it too, sleeping, spa treatments, did I mention sleeping???

There is a lot to look forward too.

Off to finish my packing.  My taxi will be waiting at 5 am.  Better get to bed soon!

Love, Clare


Lindsay said...

Love you!! Have so much fun and take lots of pictures!!

laura said...

this sounds like heaven. heaven.
any room for a stow-a-way in your suitcase!!!
safe travels, friend! and enjoy some much deserved "me" time!

Jodee said...

You lucky duck! Enjoy your time away!

Jodee said...

You lucky duck! Enjoy your time away!