Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gracie Girl


What can I say Gracie girl?  It seems like such a cliché to say that you make our family complete, but you just do.  You have filled the missing piece of my heart that was broken so many years ago.   From your non-dramatic birth and your sweet newborn demeanor, we knew that you were one special baby.  Your surprise pregnancy made me realize that prayers really do get answered and life can have happy endings after all.  God answers prayers when he gives you something so precious and special you feel chosen by both Him and the little angel baby inside you.  How could we be so lucky?  Another healthy little girl with ice blue eyes and soft curls growing behind your head.  Yes, I definitely feel special because you are here.


At night when I give you your bath you stand by the edge and play games with me.  We play ‘throw the toys’ over and over again.  I pick them up from the bathroom floor and hand you back your toy.  You lean against the tub with those chubby baby legs and bounce up and down until you throw the toy again.  Once you get tired of this game we play “hide and seek” with the shower curtain.  You cover up your face and I say “Wherrrrrre’s Gracie??” and out from the curtain you pop your head.  Each night we play this as if it is the most exciting game.  You laugh and squeal and giggle when you see me from behind the curtain.


You are definitely a mama’s girl right now.  No one can replace mama.  You scream bloody murder every night when Daddy carries you up to bed to start your bath.  You reach out your hand from his shoulder like he is taking you away forever.  You usually cry right up until you see me back at the tub for our nightly bath games.  It is both the sweetest thing ever and the most exhausting thing ever.  I know I will look back and feel sad when this phase ends.  I just keep trying to remind myself that when I hear the screams escaping from the upstairs bathroom.


You are officially on the go.  You pull up on everything.  Especially things that can’t hold you.  That is why you constantly have bruises on your head and face.

You walk behind your little stroller and try to follow Ellie while she pushes her dollies in her stroller.

You can climb the stairs. 

You fell out of the tub the other night from leaning over so far to grab a toy while I was washing you.  Luckily daddy and I caught you right before you almost face planted with the bathroom tile. 

You love your pacis.  Lots of them.

You love your milk.  Lots of it.

You will eat just about anything and are starting to  only eat foods that you can pick up yourself.  No more spoon feeding.

You rip off your bib the second I put it on.

You still have a slight obsession with shoes.  We always find you in the cubbies knocking down all of the organized shoes in the house.

You are starting to use sign language.  “All Done” is your first sign that you use correctly and with gusto!

You love your brother and sister.  You go and pull up on Ellie’s booster seat while she is eating and babble in her face.  I think you are trying to tell her to hurry up and come and play with you.

You dance to music and wave your hands all around.  Very, very cute.

You love to get to the remote, change the channel, try to work the ipad or iphone, or any other piece of technology that you find around the house.

You are one amazing little baby and I can’t wait to see you grow this next year. 

I love you Gracie Girl.

Love, mama




Colleen said...

oh Clare, I loved this!! someday Gracie will love reading these sweet words her mama had for her.

Lindsay said...

I love that sweet girl! These pictures turned out soooooo cute!! I love that the balloon is bigger than she is! Adorable!