Wednesday, October 10, 2012

the girls


Man, I have been a horrible blogger and bloggy friend.  I have been quite wrapped up in life and just haven’t had a moment at night to sit down to write, think, and reflect.  As much as I love blogging, sometimes it can feel like a chore.  But, I LOVE being able to look back through the years, see the silly and fun things the kids did, read about our lives, how much I have grown and changed as a mother and a person.  I love having a quick and easy way to jot down the events of our lives, as mundane as they may seem.  They are special to me and hopefully someday they will be special to the kids.  They will know how much I loved them and thought the tops of their heads were really cute (as shown in above photo).  I hope that as life slows down a bit, I can get back to checking on you all that I miss and love so much out there in blog land. (you know who you are!!)  For now, I will write, post, and run off to the next task that awaits me…

I actually took this stroller picture a while ago, but it really shows my life right now.  I get to spend a lot of time with these two little girlies and not near enough time with my biggest boy.  Now that we are well into the school year I can tell the dynamic at home has shifted quite a bit.  Gracie and Ellie are becoming fast friends.  Ellie pays her a lot more attention than this summer both good and bad.  Gracie of course idolizes Ellie and scoots around in her little army crawl as fast as she can to get in on the action.  Ellie started off mostly yelling at her, taking things from her, or picking up everything in a 10 mile radius so “GRACIE WON’T GET IT!!!”  But, she is calming down with that behavior. 


We are talking more about playing together, I am trying to model, and guide their play as best as possible.  Grace is also getting much more interactive, she waves, she dances, she pulls up and I think that is helping Ellie bond with her in a lot of ways.  Bradley was 2 1/2 years older than Ellie, so when she was turning one he was able to bring her things, play with her, turn on toys for her, and he was really interested in doing all of those tasks.  Ellie is still very much in the middle of being TWO.  Everything is hers, if she looks at it, it is hers, if she thinks about it, it is hers, if she touched it 2 hours ago, it is hers.  That is pretty much how she thinks.  So, trying to get her to show compassion, love, and gentleness hasn’t come easily, but it is definitely improving. 


Ellie will now help me give Gracie her bottle, she will feed her little crackers in the target shopping cart, she will bring her toys, and I am seeing little glimpses of their relationship deepening.  She wants to help me put her to bed, and get her up from her naps.  She now brings her bottle up at night, instead of Bradley.  “I help too mommy.”  I see her growing leaps and bounds.  Little glimmers of maturity are shining through those TWO year old moments.  I also think she is adjusting to a life without Bradley too.  His starting Kindergarten was really tough on her.  He is her everything, she copies his every move.  Those first few weeks were tough, she asked where he was constantly.  Now, we wave at the elementary school each time we pass by on our way in and out of the neighborhood.  She will scold me if I forget.  “Wave to Buggy MOMMY, WAVE!”  I also get a lot of time with her in the mornings while Grace is taking her morning nap.  I try to spend part of the time doing an activity or craft just ellie and I. 

We are all adjusting to the new norm of school life, preschool life, and the fact that in 11 days I will no longer technically have a baby in the house!  Still struggling with that last one!


   And just for some “official” news, I finished my 10K on Saturday in 44 minutes.  I had to take a picture of the time sheet just to make sure that really happened!  Yes, I placed 11th overall and 2nd in my age group!!  I think I am probably as shocked as you are reading this.  In all fairness I think that the course was slightly shorter than a full 10K, but my pace was between 7:30-7:45 minute miles.  Whoop, whoop!!!


amanda said...

love the tops of the head pic!!

i was just thinking the other day what an adjustment it's going to be when lilly starts k next year. i am not sure how etta jane is going to handle it?? we still cry at preschool drop off!!

huge congrats on the 10k!!

Lindsay said...

Woohoo on the 11th place finish and 2nd in your age group! You did awesome! I love those two little cuties and I can't wait to see them on Saturday! XOXO