Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


Last week and weekend was jammed packed with tons of fun!  From an awesome girls weekend that was filled with LOTS of wine, gorgeous weather, and tons and tons of laughs to partying with Ellie at the Fresh Beat Band Concert.  We do just want to have fun, right?!!

We were missing a few of our favorites….(LORI and STEPH, next time!!), but we still managed to laugh and drink lots of wine in their absence.  Do you ever just laugh so so hard, that you can’t even remember what or why you started laughing?  Well, that was us until the early hours of Saturday morning.  I couldn’t believe how much we all had to catch up on, and how good it feels to be with the oldies but goodies.  You know the girls that you just lean over and hug because they are standing right next to you?  Yep, those girls.

We capped off our weekend with an infamous “Accessory Swap.”  You bring all of your old, worn out, or just tired of jewelry, bags, shoes, or maybe in April’s case hair dye.  You sell it to someone else at the table.  If there aren’t any takers, well it goes into the “Goodwill” pile.  Let’s just say that my nickname after that was “Swap Whore.”  I came home with a bag FULL of goodies!!!


Sunday came too fast, and I basically felt like a truck had hit me between the eyes.  Other than that, it was awesome!!  Miss you ladies already, until next time!


The other special girl in my life, loves to have some fun too!  We rocked it out to the Fresh Beat Band.  She couldn’t even take her eyes off of the band to take a picture with mommy…these were the best two pictures of the night


I think that some of my mommy friends and I are going to become Fresh Beat Band Groupies!  They were great!!  Just in case you weren’t sure who they were, here a picture of them below rocking it out!  Shouting it out like a Rock Star!


Happy Wednesday!! Love, Clare


Jenny said...

What a great weekend with the girls! Can I just say, love your jeans! You look great.

laura said...

are you ra-ra-ra-ra-ready!?!! check out ONE PREPPY COOKIE's most recent masterpiece, which will be arriving at my house tomorrow! syd is so ready to bounce the house this weekend! ;)

and love the pictures from girls' weekend! those really are the best, aren't they?! you all look fantastic and i am in love with your red jeans!!


amanda said...

man am i missing my oldie's but goodies!! so glad you girls had fun!!

and the fresh beat band?? all sorts of awesome!!

Lindsay said...

What a great weekend!! Sounds like everyone had a blast!