Thursday, September 13, 2012

School Round Two

I am happy to report that all is well in our little world.  Bradley is super happy at school now.  He proudly announced to his buddy on the bus that he wasn’t crying anymore because he “liked school and he liked his parents too.”  After two weeks of meltdowns I am so happy that we have turned the corner.  Bradley likes structure, order, and knowing what’s ahead.  He takes pleasure in telling us Sunday night, that Monday is “Art and PE at school.  I love Art mom!”  “Tuesday, I head to the library”  I hear him chanting out his schedule each night.  I think this gives him comfort and allows him to be excited for the next day. 


Now this little mama is fearless, fancy free, and doesn’t have a concern about leaving home with or without me.  She started preschool this fall too!  I have been so wrapped up in Bradley’s worries that I haven’t even mentioned how adorable her first day was, and her excitement about being in “MS GRETCHEN’S CLASS!!!!!”  That is pretty much how she says it, all while throwing her fist up in the air and waving it around for punctuate her happiness.  She has also been going to drop off and pick up Bradley for two years, so she is pretty confident with the preschool.


No worries here.  Just happiness, smiles, and giddy about carrying a backpack.  She looks so grown up, but I know she is still just a babe.  Preschool wears her out, she comes home either quiet as a mouse, or tantrum like a crazy girl, wolfs down enormous amounts of food, and then begs to “go night night.” 


She requested that I take a picture of her new backpack on the first day.  This little girl has been around the block, she knows how to do the first day of school rituals.  Then it was off to find her teacher and class out on the playground.  Could the sandbox be any bigger?  She has had to have a quick shower almost every day because I find sand in every crevice of her body.  Her teacher said that she was taking the shovel and dumping sand on her head on the first day.  That’s a good way to make friends Ellie!!  Go girl!


The littlest baby is turning ONE next month.  I really can’t wrap my head around it!  She is pulling up on everything, but much more to come on her later!

I’m off to order some first birthday invites!!  Love, Clare


Lindsay said...

So glad things are going better!! Ellie the brave and fearless! Love it!

Jenny said...

Ellie is adorable! Can't believe she is in preschool...time sure does fly!

I am working on bday stuff for mr. eli as well!

laura said...

seriously. ben and ellie are soulmates. it's the same thing over here. no worries about school, no tears. just "i inna mouse class!" and he walks right in. "bye mom," he waves without looking back. on the first day, he even asked me to "take pic-ture of me and sissy walkin to car". like you said, these 2nd babies know how we do school around here. ;)

first birthday invitations! oh my word! the big #5 invitations went out last week. time to press the pause button!


Colleen said...

ok make it stop Ellie looks way too grown up in these pictures. I am so glad that B is adjusting and loving it. that's such great news! happy weekend : )

amanda said...

wait a minute did you just say your BABY is going to be ONE??? honey this is just not possible!! seriously - i am total denial!!