Friday, September 28, 2012



These past two weeks have been FULL to the brim.  In some ways I love it….the fall fun, the activities, being busy with the kids.  There is also a part of me that craves normal weeks.  Five dinners cooked at home, long bubble baths, reading three books before bed, instead of ONLY two, or NO BOOKS just get your bum in bed.  I thrive in both spaces, but lately things have just been really, really busy.  I am headed off for a girls weekend tomorrow, and after that I think things will slow down a bit….maybe….

Bradley and I went on his school field trip yesterday to the apple orchard.  This is our picture from the hay ride.  He is adjusting much better to school, finding his rhythm, making new friends, and seems quite happy.

He is blossoming before our eyes.  Last night we were able to take some extra time with bedtime stories.  He wanted to read with Ellie first and then read some books in his room too.  We said no problem.  I had picked out “Ten Apples Up On Top” by Dr Suess to read with Ellie.  He got all excited and said, “I can read this book mommy.”  Chris and I just looked at each other.  I have seen lots of kids learn how to read, as a first grade teacher.  Bradley has been reading short, little books.  But, he sat down on the bed and read the book almost the whole way through.  Chris and I were floored.  I just kept looking from Chris to Bradley and saying, “Can you believe this.” 

Amazing little man.  I love you!


We got to go see “The Fresh Beat Band” this week.  AMAZING!!  More of than coming later, but I am in the process now of putting together Fresh Beat Band Costumes for Halloween.  Can we say, excited???!!


Both girls have had nasty, nasty sinus infections.  Yummy green stuff dripping down for days.  Of course our pediatrician is out of town, so we had to go to Urgent Care.  It took forever, Grace played on the yucky floor for over an hour and half while we waited on docs and prescriptions.  Fun times.

They are both better now.  I guess it was worth it.


I got the chance last week to go to karaoke with some fun ladies from the neighborhood.  Things got a bit wild and crazy, so I will stick with the posed pictures for the blog.  It was a great, great night.


Brandi even brought some of her kids instruments from home to liven things up.  hilarious!!


Chris has been working like crazy the past week to finish up our cubby area.  I dreamed it up and he made it happen.  One side a cork board wall, the other is a magnetic, chalkboard wall.  It turned out great!  The cork board side will be used to hang up all of the kids projects from school.  The magnetic chalkboard will be a calendar on the top and a place for the kids to play or draw on the bottom. 


Speaking of Chris, I think he is working for father of the year lately.  He has been awesome about helping me with projects around the house.  Letting me go to a girls weekend this weekend, and to JAMAICA for five days in November with Cali!!!!!!!!!  (more on that later!)

He came with me on Ellie’s Field trip to the apple orchard.  It was so much fun, and so neat to see her playing around with her little buddies from school.  It was great to have him there, because the apples are on a mountain and it is definitely not kid friendly when you have two little ones.  I almost fell down the mountain while carrying Grace in the Ergo.  Ellie had a ball though.


In other fun news, I bought a new fangled sewing machine.  You know I have been using my grandma’s old 1950s Singer for two years now.  I have made curtains, pillows, and pretty much anything else that just needs to sew in a straight line.  I am so excited about the sewing machine and I have been staying up late to make these this week…


I didn’t even take pictures of my projects, just these horrible iPhone pics to send them to my mom.  I will show you them in better lighting soon, but I am SO thrilled to have a real, live sewing machine.  The possibilities for projects are endless, get ready for some crafty, craftiness coming soon!!!

That was a lot of stuff smashed into one post.  Kind of feels like my life right now!  Love, Clare


Jenny said...

I totally want to start sewing! Yeah to a girls weekend and definitely sounds like you guys are busy!

laura said...

love the little peek into your world.

wasn't the concert totally and completely awesome?!?!?! our fbb birthday party is next week. she is so ready to roll! haha!

i didn't realize anne lived in your neighborhood too. she was two years older than me in dg. such a small world...

that dress/shirt are amazing. and i want to hire chris to build me a cubby area like that!!!


Colleen said...

ok first of all you look great Clare!!! so thin!! I love the dress and tee shirt. so very cute. I saw the chalkboard on instagram and I was insanely jealous. it's perfect!!!

amanda said...

that cubby area is amazing!!

love all the busy/fun! hope you guys have a relaxing weekend planned :)

Lindsay said...

oh my word those clothes are too sweet! I love that picture of Ellie at sitting on the bench.. she looks so big! The cubbie area is awesome! I can't wait to hear about Jamaica!