Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I Love You Little One


All of these pictures were taken by Amy Benoit, an amazing photographer in our area.  Please visit her here!

You are my little-ist one with the sparkling blue eyes.  You have truly blessed our home in so many ways.  I have tried to capture the moments, love on you, sing to you before bed, and just try to be the best mama to you that I can.  It is hard with two other siblings running around, calling for me, and needing me too. 


I hope you know how truly special you are to Daddy and I.  We could never of dreamed that a baby so sweet and so perfect would be a part of our family.  See a long time ago I prayed for you, I cried for you before I even met you.  You were wanted 1,000 times over.  Four years ago when our home just had one little boy, all I wanted was a sibling for him.  A brother or a sister to play with, laugh and giggle with, and drive him crazy all at the same time.  I wanted a second chance to be a mommy, nurse a baby, and feel little feet kicking me throughout the night.  Now looking back on those prayers I can see that they were answered.  Answered beyond belief.  I would never of thought four years ago that  Bradley would have one little sister, let along two little sisters to play with, laugh and giggle with, and drive him crazy too!

Sometimes I still get the chills at night when I flip through the baby monitor, clicking on the picture of each bedroom and checking on each child.  Chris and I are always laughing at the funny way you all are sleeping, on your sides, on your bellies, pacis hanging this way and that, or stuck under your necks, little feet wedged up next to the crib bumper, peaceful bellies rising up and down.  All of you are here.  In our home.  Healthy and safe.  How did I get so lucky?? 


Your little personality is unfolding day by day.  You are unsure of strangers right now, anyone other than mommy isn’t good enough.  I am sure that will change with time, but you have given a few babysitters a run for their money lately.  You have taken to crying so hard when Daddy and I go out to dinner that you throw up your bottle all over your bedroom, or cry for 45 minutes after the babysitter puts you down for bed.  Your strong will is starting to show itself.  The sweet nursery workers had to come and get me out of church because you were inconsolable.  Even though your big sister is playing right next to you…you are not. going. to. have. it. 

Between you and Bradley I have a full plate of crying, whining, siblings. 


Good thing I am so in love with all of you!  I know these struggles will pass and we will be moving onto the next phase soon enough.  It is also kind of sweet to see your crying suddenly stop and your face light up the second I come back for you.  I’m not going to lie.


You seem to be in such a hurry to grow up.  You already have more teeth than your older siblings combined at this age.  Four on the top and four on the bottom!!  Every time I turn around you have another tooth popping through.  You were playing with Daddy’s foot the other day and bit down on his toe so hard.  We better watch out for those chompers! 

You have been “army crawling” for months, and I thought you were going to try to “really crawl” this summer.  You surprised me by just rocking back and forth for days on end, but continuing to army crawl even into the fall.  Luckily for me you aren’t the fastest crawler, and it is easy for me to keep an eye on you.  Just this week, at almost 11 months you started to pull up on everything.  Your toys, the tables, the couch, and lots of things that can’t hold you.  I have heard you bonk your head from the other room, and I come running in to find you upside down, crying, and wondering what just happened?!


You love…

your family

your big brother, you laugh, giggle, and stare at him the second he enters the room

your big sister, she visits you after each nap, helps me “wake you up” and is showing you the ropes

your paci

sleeping on your belly

shoes, shoes, and more shoes, you will crawl from across the room to get your little fingers on a nice pair of sneakers, rain boots, or anything with some laces, it is hilarious!

getting into the kitchen cabinets and pulling out the dishes (what baby doesn’t love this?)

swinging on the swing set

chewing on your toes

cottage cheese, grilled cheese, Cheerios, French fries, and all of the other forbidden foods that I didn’t give Bradley and Ellie at your age

getting carried around the house on my hip while I clean up, put away, or do chores…you are really good at overseeing these tasks

chasing balls around the house

playing with random objects, cardboard boxes, paper towel tubes, spoons, pretty much anything that isn’t a toy will keep you entertained

hearing your lullaby at night before bed, the moment I break out in song you start smiling

I love you little one


I guess it seems only fitting that after three children I should finally do a photo shoot with one of them.  I will forever treasure these pictures that the AMAZINGLY talented photographer Amy Benoit took in August.  It is so special to have these pictures of Grace and pictures of us together.  I am always behind the lens snapping away, and these pictures are so magical.  Thank you Amy!!


What more can I say to you little one.  I am in disbelief that we are planning your first birthday.  I have little pangs of guilt for not capturing enough of the moments from your first year.  I hope you will forgive me, I was one busy lady.  I keep thinking back to last fall, and all of our preparations for your arrival, and now it is hard to imagine you not a part of our family.

I love you little Grace.  I loved you before you were mine, thank you for letting me be your mama.


Lindsay said...

aww sweet little Gracie! I can't wait for her birthday party! I need ideas for my youngest little niece :-) These pictures are beautiful!!

laura said...

i love this...love, love, love this.
and, this, combined with so many people popping out sweet third babies makes me yearn just a little more for another littlest one of my own...maybe...

amanda said...

honey she is just so darn sweet! the pictures are amazing and so is your love letter to her!! i just can't believe she is about to be one!!

Colleen said...

oh my her rolls just kill me. she is so freaking cute Clare!! love these pictures.

Jenny said...

so..so...so...sweet! She is just beautiful!