Sunday, September 9, 2012

From the Homefront


We have survived the first two weeks of school.  The tears are slowly starting to dry up, new friends are being mentioned at the dinner table, and I think that we might actually be beginning to “like” school.  I found these adorable free printables for lunch box notes online and printed them out.  I have been putting different ones in his lunch box each day.  A lot of times he gets off the bus and hands them to me.  He carries them around after lunch to make him feel better.

Oh I love this little boy.  I hope his love for his family and his two adoring little sisters never wanes.


As a little reward he came home the first week of school to find some new angry bird toys on his placemat.  He has been overly excited about them and sleeping with them at night.  Good work mommy, they were a hit!  The second week of school he got on the bus Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday without ANY tears!  We were so so proud of him.  The girls and I visited him for lunch and brought him some of his favorite Oreo cookies to surprise him.  He seemed so happy, sitting with his buddies.  He introduced me to them and they were all excited to meet his sisters.  They seemed like a great little group of kids.


I am still trying to wrap my brain around the amount of prep work I do daily now that school is in full swing.  Not only getting dinner fixed and cleaned up (which is a huge daily chore).  But now I have the added lunch box packing, preschool prepping, and work out preparing to do nightly.  It sure does make for a busy week.  Cleaning out the lunch box, checking the backpack, signing, completing, and returning papers.  I can only imagine the amount of time I will have to dedicate to this chore when all three children are in school. 

I have learned that good evening prep makes for a much, much smoother morning routine!


The lunches are shoved in the frig, Bradley and Chris’, along with my water for the gym.  Anything I can do to make my morning faster is a good plan!

The weather is absolutely gorgeous here, it is really beginning to feel like fall.  I can’t wait to enjoy it with the kids, lots of playing outside is in store for us!  Love, Clare


Lindsay said...

So glad to hear the tears are drying up some! I hope this week goes even better! I foresee tears this week in school for us since we took last week off for the beach!

laura said...

so happy to hear he's smiling those adorable bradley smiles again!

i loved the photo of your nightly prep work on instagram. too funny!

amanda said...

yay for back to school smiles :)

this week is going to be awesome!!

ps - i don't think i will ever be able to get ready for kindergarten!! preschool is flipping me out tonight!

Colleen said...

I am so happy to hear B is adjusting and doing well. Such a relief, huh? I hear ya on the prep. This is our first year of making lunch and it's been on my mind to make sure that I have what I need for my little munchkin.